Friday, August 27, 2010

Real Momma's Cloth Diaper... Part 1

"Real mom's use cloth diapers", or so somebody jokingly told my stepmother years ago and she recently shared with me. Staring down at the liquid gold filling up the diaper I was changing at the time. I thought those must be real crazy moms. I changed my mind though not long ago when my husband and I were purchasing our very first box of Diapers in almost 6 months of parenthood. Diapers aren't cheap and it appeared that giving nature of my family had finally worn out in the diaper department and we were going to have to start buying out own. Standing there in toys are us I spied a 12 count package of Gerber cloth diapers and a little light went off and made me remember all the WTE mommies who cloth diaper and how much the liked it. I pointed them out to my husband and said that maybe we should go to cloth! To my complete amazement he agreed on the spot. Ummm, wow, that never happens! That got the wheels turning and I decided to do some research.
While I used to think I would never ever even halfway consider using cloth diapers I have to admit it makes a certain amount of sense. Firstly and most important to me it saves money. Especially when you have more than one child and can re-use your diapers on your second or third baby. Think about walking into the store to purchase things for babies and walking by the diapers and wipes without a second glance. You'd never have to purchase either one again - ever. How's that for cool huh?  Then there is Mother Earth to consider. According to what I have read a regular disposable diaper hangs around in a landfill for three to five hundred yeas (depending on your source). Even if we use the lower of the two numbers that's still a staggering figure to me. To put it in better perspective that means that every single disposable diaper ever made is STILL HERE. Think about that. The very first pampers to roll off production is still sitting around somewhere. That a lot of diapers and of course the number grows daily. I'm thinking good 'ol Mother Earth would appreciate it if we'd be good and try and keep things somewhat clean instead of trashing them like a teenagers bedroom.

So all that fact finding got me set on cloth and I set about to purchase diaper. I thought that would be pretty straight forward.. It wasn't. Apparently there are all sorts of cloth diapers out there ranging from the versions from  our grandparents days to high tech all in ones that basically look and act just like a disposable only you wash it. There are also all sorts of sizes to think about as well as diapers that adjust from very small to very large. Mind boggling is an understatement. Enter Marissa of Growing Green Bums which is a little store here in our local area (Gulf Breeze, FL) and sells diapers both in store as well as online. I was very excited to have stumbled upon a place where I could go in and actually look at the diapers and gets hands on with them rather than relying on opinions from others and being forced to purchase online with no guidance at all. This place is GREAT. I was able to set up a consultation which was like a little mini everything you need to know class. VERY helpful! Not only did I get to see every type of cloth diaper but I was able to address some of my concerns about the whole idea which mainly was how bulky the diaper would be. With that out in the open I was steered towards diapers that had a trimmer fit and were the types of diapers I felt I could handle. In my case I felt like pre-folds were not a good place to start. I wanted to try the easiest type of diapers, the ones that would function most like my pampers swaddlers. I got set up with three diapers, all three a different brand, to try out as well as a wet bag and some laundry detergent. 
I got a Thirsties Duo, I was attracted  by the fit and the fact that I wouldn't have to take the insert out to wash it, it does that on it's own. Next was a Flip diaper which is I guess a step up from pre-folds and covers. It has a pad in it that can be changed when wet and replaced ( if I had purchased more than one pad lol). The cover can be wiped clean until it get soiled. The third diaper was a rumperoo's and it's very similar to the Thirsties, basically I got it because it was CUTE ! It has little sea creatures on it and well Nicholas' nursery is an under the sea theme so of course I had to have that one.

So there it is. I have begun my cloth diaper journey. I have the diapers in the dryer now after having washed and rinsed them. Nicholas is already in bed for the night so the great first day in cloth will have to wait until in the morning. I can't wait! I am hoping I can get the hand of the cloth before he has a poo. Poo scares me lol. Daddy is going to make us a diaper sprayer if I decide I am indeed going to stick with this cloth idea. He's on board, especially now, after our little diapering meet up. I am really excited though my family is sitting back shaking their head in amazement that I even want to give this a shot. They think I am nuts anyway so this really shouldn't come as such a shock to them. :P I think I'll do fine. I also think it is possible that I could be blogging in a week or so about what a crappy idea this was but I hope not. I'm really looking forward to the saving. Plus did I mention the diapers are CUTE!! :) Will have to post pictures soon !

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  1. Great post! Good luck on your first day in cloth I look forward to hearing how you like it. I wish we had a local diaper shop. I had to just research and buy them online. As far as being afraid of the poopy cloth I've actually found that it is a lot easier than I thought it would be. I've even become brave enough to rinse them out by hand now. I love the point you made about the first disposable diapers still sitting around. I had never thought of that before and it gives me even more reason to be cloth-obsessed!