Saturday, August 14, 2010

Baby Food Wars II - Additives are a no no

OH MY GOD... did I ever learn a lesson today about why it isn't really a good idea to add anything to baby cereal (in this case oatmeal). It all started on Friday when hubby and I went out to breakfast after Nicholas god awful early doctors appointment. I had nursed Nicholas before I left and then fed him from a bottle what I had been able to pump in the car on the drive over b/c I had forgotten my cooler and couldn't store the milk. I did remember to bring his baby oatmeal and some bottled water it was in the diaper bag. Anyway so there we sit with him being a goober about eating his oatmeal and I put a teeny bit of sugar in it. He ate it up. Now I know, I know I shouldn't have done that. It was only the one time and eventually I'd probably be adding fruit to his cereal anyway.. maybe... I dunno, obviously though it set me up for a dangerous frame of mind.

Fast forward to this morning Nicholas again didn't seem as interested in his oatmeal. It had been about 90 minutes since his last bottle and normally he would be hungry by then. (important side note; he had already had a dirty diaper that morning and he usually only poops once a day). Soooooo I don't keep sugar in the house and I'm not going to add fake sugar to anything except my peppermint teas which lead me to the last bottle of apple prune juice that was hanging around. We bought it two months ago when I thought he was constipated and gave him a little bit in a bottle. It didn't work, no dirty diaper. I ended up drinking the other two bottles (didn't work for me either though I don't have a problem being regular) which left one in the cabinet. Since he's already had it and I know he wouldn't have any sort of reaction from it I decided well why not add a tiny bit of that to the oatmeal and see if he likes it better. He hasn't ever been a big fan of the oats and when he discovered other foods he was even less of a fan, though it does rank just slightly higher than rice cereal with breast milk :P Well, dumb me added less than half of an ounce, really just a tiny bit, just enough to add a little flavor to the oatmeal. Nicholas was so so about it and ate most of what I had made for him. Ok, I made more than usual so no biggie if he didn't finish it all.
Well.... a couple hours later he has a second dirty diaper. Wow, ok, that's a surprise but not completely unheard of. It's happened a time or two before though it's rare. An hour after that he's playing on the floor with hubby and all of a sudden he STINKS! Check the diaper, Whoa, another one! Go change. We're getting ready to leave to go visit family and had another diaper issue. Daaaannnnggg. This is when it starts to dawn on me that maaaayyyybe I shouldn't have given him anything containing PRUNE juice? Hubby finishes changing the diaper and only gets about four steps out of the nursery when it becomes apparent they another visit to the changing table is in order. Phew! Stinky boy and unhappy daddy! Change him again and we are finally about to get in the car and out the door. We survived the car ride without another diaper bomb and after being away from home for a couple of hours I figured we were in the clear. Nope. Late this evening he was playing on the floor with my sister, who had fed him a bottle and his peas and carrots dinner earlier and she starts to smell him again. Diaper check in which she managed to stick her finger in the deposit and yup we need a new diaper, some baby wipes, and a hand washing. :P  Golly, I don't think he pooped that much even as a newborn but I could be wrong. His tummy was never upset or anything which is good and he didn't seem bothered, he just was going to clean house internally today I guess? I wonder if he'll poop tomorrow at all? Will be interesting to see. Maybe he'll decide to rest on the 7th day and only have wet diapers lol. Kind of makes you think a little harder before jumping into cloth diapers that's for sure :)

Note to self, don't put Apple Prune juice in baby cereal unless baby really is constipated. While we're on he subject maybe just let him east his cereal plain, he doesn't need the sugar and we don't need to create a picky eater.

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