Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We have our first word, well kind of

Babies begin to vocalize very early in life, first with crying and then with coos and then one day that begin trying to copy the sounds that you make. I learned this first hand a couple of weeks ago when my sister taught Nicholas, in the course of about 20 minutes, to pretend to cough. >:(  He now makes that lovely throat clearing/coughing noise and then breaks into a big grin like he just won the noble peace prize. I am biding my time until my sister has children so that I may take my revenge. Now it's a well known fact that infants begin putting vowel sounds along with consinents around 5/6 months on average and the What to Expect the First Year carries a warning to moms that the "D" sounds is often learned before the "M" sounds so Da Da tends to come before Ma Ma. Well I wasn't having any of that so when Nicholas started making "M" sounds on his own a couple of weeks ago I made sure to make those sounds at him so he heard them more than the "D". I wanted him to say Mama first. It worked. Over the weekend we begin hearing mumbled versions of "ma ma ma ma ma" coming from him. Sunday night, the 22nd, he said Ma Ma! loud and clear. YAY!!!!!!! How exciting. Now of course he doesn't know what he is saying he's just making noise but I can still pretend that he was calling his mommy. He does it most often when he wants something so I can imagine it won't be long before he makes the connection to the sound and me. :) So CUTE!! Trying to get it on Video but every time I pull out the camera he stops saying it and just smiles real big. What a ham!


  1. Yay for saying ma ma first! We're still waiting for Ariella to say either of those 2. She has said "ok", "ah boo", and "dee dee". I'll bet she'll say dada first. DH was trying to make me feel good last night by saying he kind of heard her say mama, but it just sounded like her shrieking ahhh ahhh, to me.

  2. Congrats on your first "mama!" Calvin has been saying for awhile. It is so sweet!