Friday, December 31, 2010

Ragababe Organic Two Step Diaper Review

Better late than never, but here goes. I received this diaper and two inserts from Ragababe back at the end of October so this review has been a long time coming., (sorry Joy). The problem I had with testing this diaper has absolutely NOTHING to do with the diaper itself, it was a problem of my son being a mind reader or something who seemed to just know whenever this graced his bottom and would poop in it. Darn it! So for over a month this was basically an all in one type diaper b/c after a poo a two step dipe has to be changed cover and all. Ugh. The past couple of weeks though, he seems to have been limiting his poops to other brands of diaper and I finally got my full Ragababe 2-step experience. :)

I am no stranger to 2 step diapering systems, I simply adore my flips diapers and for the sake of fair comparison left them out of the my original all in one review. Now that I have a two step rag the flips are no longer safe from having to go head to head with the awesomeness that is a Ragababe diaper.

For the uninformed, a two step diaper is basically a fancy prefold with cover... just slightly easier. The cover is water proof and wipes clean after your baby wets it. An insert that is formed to fit in the crotch of the diaper is removed after it is wet and changed while the cover is reused. When the baby poo's the entire package must be changed and put in the laundry. A two step system is for me anyway great for travel because the inserts take up so little space compared to a pocket or all in one diaper (I have never used prefolds and covers so I don't know how much space they take up). They fit easily in the diaper bag without being bulky and also fit nicely in my travel size wet bag without filling it up. Two covers and four or five inserts is good for an afternoon out. I often switch off between an all in one type diaper and the 2 step diapers during an outing.

OK so let the opinion's fly.... ;)

First off, looking at the photo's on the website website the first few times I visited I thought the Ragababe two steps fell short in the style department. My flips covers are a solid color, like most of my diapers, and I like it that way. Who wants a white diaper with little dots of color (the snaps?). Haha, who indeed. :) Turns out those little dots are pretty darn adorable and don't blend into the diaper the way the yellow snaps do on my yellow flips cover which is a HUGE plus for my color blind husband who cannot see the snaps on the flip well b/c they blend in with the diaper. Hummm, who woulda thunk? Ragababe kicked it up a notch in October and offered customers the ability to choose their snap color from a rainbow of options. Any color or color combination goes. THAT, was a BIG hit with customers and I am pleased to say they made that option a permanent thing. Whooo, show me a Florida State 2 step and I'd knock you over to be the first to order it. :P The custom snaps are a great way to show off how unique a Ragababe diaper can be.  My two step diaper happens to be Red and Blue snaps which the good folks at Ragababe called the spiderman diaper. I'm not a comic fan so when I saw a photo of it on their facebook page my mind jumped to red white and blue = Patriotic and of course my very favorite rag is my Hero all in one. I expressed my extreme desire to rob a bank so I could purchase that diaper and Ragababe took pity on me and included it with my "it's my birthday and I'll buy diapers if I want to" order. I was SUPER excited!!! So, OK, my first impression of the two steps was dead wrong, they are just as adorable as the all in ones and the extra cool part is you can personalize them. What other brand of diaper does that?? ;)

Construction and features would be the next observation I made, after I got over my excitement at having new diapers anyway lol. Here we have a diaper that is sized but fits a huge range of sizes from very tiny all the way up to 40 lbs. There are three size options to choose from. Size 0 fits babies 4-18 lbs, Size 1 fits babies 9-30 lbs, and Size 2 fits babies 15-40+ lbs. Can we say wow. I REALLY hope that by the time Nicholas is 40+lbs he is not in diapers haha. I don't think I want to heave him up onto the changing table at that weight. Anyway in a stroke of brilliance the Ragababe sizes overlap each other so that you are assured of getting the best possible fit. Each of the size's weight ranges are also fairly large so you don't have to worry about your child growing out of the diaper in a matter of weeks, which is what happened to me when I bought my very first cloth diaper. :/ I can say you'll get your money's worth as far as how long you can use these puppies which is a good thing because they aren't the least expensive option out there. As with a lot of items though you pay for form and function and the Ragababe's certainly fit the bill. The inserts for these diapers are amazing. According to the website, "RagaBabe Inserts are made of ultra soft, absorbent organic cotton Sherpa with layers of lightweight bamboo rayon inside. The insert snaps into the back of the cover and is held in place by the flap in the front." To some people, like myself for instance, what the product is made of is of less importance than whether or not it does what it says it will do. This one's a winner. Just like the all in one diaper, the sherpa inserts are the bomb when it comes to absorbing. I haven't tried it yet but I'd imagine doubling them would give a heavy wetter nighttime protection. I use pockets overnight though. The inserts themselves are sized to fit into the diapers depending on which of the three sizes you have chosen where the flip insert is made to be a one size insert which accounts for the added length (and bulk) of the insert. The really nice thing about the inserts in Ragababe is that they snap in.
This isn't a new concept or design but it IS a handy one since the insert won't slide around or bunch up while you are putting the diaper on. My poor husband experience the cure of the sliding insert on Christmas eve as he tried to wrestle Nicholas into his flips cover in the backseat of the car all on his own. Oops! So yay for snap in liners that alone makes these daddy approved. The inside of this two step is lined with a soft suede cloth. It is supposed to be softer on the babies skin and is a stark contrast to the Flips cover which isn't lined at all. The liner in spite of being a soft cloth can be wiped clean with a baby wipe between changes and dries pretty quickly.  The Ragababe signature star is held in place with their out of this world Velcro closure. Just like their all in one diapers this stuff stays stuck and closed for as long as baby is wearing the diaper. The laundry tabs function as they are intended and thus far I have not had issue with them in the laundry. I will say though that if you forget to stick the laundry tabs together and they get stuck to oh say an insert... hahaha well lets just say you'll get a glimpse of just how strong this stuff is! My husband has fallen in love with the Velcro on these diapers. He now HATES snaps and won't use anything with a snap closure if he has the choice. It certainly makes diapering a wiggle worm a bit easier.

My poor, once beloved, Flips diapers now seem kind of second rate to me. I still love them of course but I have a new main squeeze in the Ragababes and the husband certainly likes them better. The one and only sore spot with me and Ragababe is the price point. At $29.95 a pop these fabulous diapers are a tad out of my price range for now. The Flips day pack (2 covers and 6 inserts) runs $49.95 for the regular and $59.95 for the organic. The same deal on Ragababe would cost you $95.70 with two size 2 covers and four additional inserts (two inserts are included). Of course, you definitely get what you pay for. Ragababe goes out of their way to source the best of the best in organic materials and as a mother of children with allergies Ragababe creator Joy is very mindful of her materials.  Also my Ragababe two step has been getting washed A LOT in recent weeks and I feel comfortable saying it's received almost as many washes as my Flips cover and already the Flips is beginning to look worn and has a few threads sticking out  here and there. As somebody who looks a everything and assumed she will save it for the next baby a durable product is a must. That puts the price for rag's in prospective a little bit and if you are planning for more children to cloth diaper I'd put my money into the Ragababes.... if I had any to spare at the moment. ;) This is truly a case of you get what you pay for. 
While we are on the subject of value I'll state that between the two different styles of Ragababes I personally prefer the all in ones as my favorite diaper of all time and happily they are not quite out of my price range, though I do still have to save for them. My husband also prefers the all in one b/c what husband wouldn't really? Anything that functions just like a disposable is all good in his book :P Each type of diaper has it's uses, as I mentioned at the beginning of my post I like how well a two step fits more diaper changes into a smaller amount of space in my diaper bag. 

My experience with the Two step rags has been a good one overall. The great features and wonderful construction of this diaper make it a real winner. I do want at least one or two more of these diaper covers for days when a 2 step is more desirable so that I can switch back and forth between covers more easily. Like I said... show me maroon and gold - Go FSU !! :P The addition of the second cover however will likely have to wait until I have my next order of all in ones home safe and sound. Those are for my husband and encourage him to help change baby diapers lol. All of the Ragababe diapers have been holding up well to wash and wear where as I mentioned with the flips it is looking a little worn after only a couple of months. 
I think all I really need to say here to let you know how much I love these diapers is to say that I used to have money set aside as a "diaper fund". My diaper fund has converted itself into a Ragababe fund... I simply LOVE these diapers. 

oh and just a side note, Ragababe also has awesome cloth wipes- I got one as a sample and like it - and just recently introduce a Ragababe blanket made from their organic cotton that will DEFINITELY be on the shopping list next time we are expecting. Don't forget to that they run a different special every month which allows discounts on some of the items you may be purchasing and as always their shipping is a flat fee of 2.95 for your entire order. :) Just try and find a better diaper made by a better company... I Dare ya! :P

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Adventures in people watching

Sorry in advance for the judgemental tone of this post, I can't help it. I'm sharing my experience as I experienced it. Anyway, people are always judging ME for my parenting, I feel like that allows me to express my "wow you're a piece of work" observations here. If you don't like it well that's tuff close the page and don't read the rest of this post.. ;)

Today was a big day. Went to see Santa, went to pet smart, went to the in laws.... that kind of thing. I am an avid people watcher. I'm probably going to be in trouble with Saint Peter when my times comes for all the impolite observations I make about the people around me but I can't help it. The in laws gifted us with some $$$ to go out for a nice dinner. Since we had baby Nicholas with us we chose to go someplace where it would be very easy to find him something to eat. This means Golden Coral since you can always be assured to find something for everyone on a buffet. I was just returning to the table with a plate full of YUMMY! and see a skinny bitch (and I mean that in a nice way... oh OK, who am I kidding, I hate skinny people at a buffet. They make me feel leaning over Nicholas' highchair. As I get closer I realize she is holding a toddler in her arms right in Nicholas' face. I;m a don't touch me kind of person and I usually extend that to don't touch my baby either. I am also a try and be polite in public kind of person. I greeted the toddler who's mouth was stuffed full with a pacifier and he looked at me with big huge "please get me out of here" blue eyes. He was kind of cute, mop of curly blond hair, nice skin, pleasantly plump... you know the look. The lady starts asking about what Nicholas' name is and then begins rattling off everyone she knows who is named Nicholas and tells us that her baby's last name is Nicholas. Oh... I don't really give a crap... my black eyed peas are getting cold. She then launches into the same spiel every parent I meet tends to give me telling me how old her son is and how big he is and his full name and all his nickname... again... black eyed peas getting cold, not cool. I politely nod make uh hu type sounds and smile. She then jerks her kid back out of Nicholas face and says "I don't want to get him sick... Kaden here might have a cold, his nose has been running. I was going to let them hug but well, ya know just in case.. I won't.
*moment of completely speechless*
K, crazy goober you don't want to let your kid touch my kid b/c he might be sick but it's A-OK to stick him right in Nicholas' face, like nose to nose, and let him breath all over him? Are you insane. Good lord, it's cold and flu season and YOUR kid is older and goes to day care where as my, much younger child stays home right now. Great, just Great. If Nicholas is sick next week for his very first Christmas we'll all know where he might have contracted the death flu from... Thanks a lot lady! How about this for a radical idea, how about you ask if it is OK if you get down in my space or my child's space before you just do it? I might not be a friendly person. Fat people aren't always friendly... especially at buffets right :P ROFL. Anyway how about the idea that ME, MYSELF AND I might be sick and could be coughing all over your kid?? Show a little common sense, golly!
Oh the fun didn't stop there, when this chicka walked off my husband leans over the table and says they are sitting right behind us.... as in BE POLITE AND DON'T EMBARRASS ME BY RUNNING YOUR MOUTH! LoLHahaha, wow!!! She then spent the rest of the meal complaining about how hyper her son was all the time. Hahahaha, ya think??? This poor kid though, really, he's in for a rough ride I fear. He was just fine, eating candy off his plate not doing anything to bother anyone and not being loud and not throwing food. His mother did nothing but yell at him to be quiet and to stop that and comment to her partner that ugh! sometimes she just couldn't stand the little boy. WOW! I wanted so badly to say something but well, what could you say for one and two it isn't my place. I wasn't trying to hear every word she said or really watching their table. I couldn't help it though, she was really loud and really hyper herself and I have never ever seen somebody so jittery. I dunno what drug she was on but wow. She barely ate two bites which would explain why she was skin and bones and just couldn't settle down. She also kept coming over to talk to Nicholas. Whoa.... back on up there crack hoe... these aren't the droids you're looking for. They weren't there very long, which was a relief. It takes us forever to eat b/c we share so much with Nicholas and we chat with each other and such. These people were in and out like they'd just wolfed down a happy meal at McDonald's. Nice. It was a relief when they left b/c she was starting to stress me out with all the yelling and constantly coming up to invade MY personal space. I waved bye bye to the little boy b/c she walked up to make him say bye bye to Nicholas. I understand his big please help me eyes now and feel sorry for him. Hopefully momma is just having a rough day and she isn't like that all the time.... Hopefully!!

GOSH! what is up with people today. Is it just me or does the Christmas spirit come down and sprinkle crazy dust over a bunch of people this time of year??

Oh and just a random thought. Why does the spell checker on this program think that when I type "Hahahaha: I am trying to type Chihuahua? Weird.

People, PLEASE chill... it's only Santa...

God Almighty... Some parents are freaking PSYCHO! I made this observation today while waiting in line with baby Nicholas to get a photo with Santa Clause.... well his very excellent impostor anyway. You see being Nicholas' very first Christmas I simply was AMAZINGLY excited to have his photo made sitting on Santa's lap. Excited enough that I dressed him in a little black and white plaid baby suit complete with matching bow tie. Go ahead, everyone say it together, "Awwwwwww" :) Anyway back to the point, we get to bass pro shop, ( they had FREE Santa photos, why go to the mall and pay??), and there is a line backed up about a 30 people long. Not horrible but not an in and out kind of thing either. I didn't mind waiting in line, this is SANTA after all. I was bouncing up and down like a five year old and no doubt mortifying my very tolerant husband. It wasn't long before there was a family in line behind us with two children, a boy and a girl, who were at the oldest 6 or 7 years in age. Here it is important to note that this line to see the big man was moving pretty quickly. We waited at most 15 minutes and it didn't seem like that long at all really. Now in this Bass Pro Shop they have circular clothing racks down the main isle in the area where we were waiting in line. Not a big deal, plenty of room to move around them and the line, even with a stroller. Also plenty of room to avoid the time share people who harass you near that area of the store trying to get you to go on a tour and buy stuff. :P So there we are standing in line, Nicholas making faces and waving at the two children behind us and loads of people ooohhhing and Ahhhhing over his seriously adorable outfit. Cue the crazy psycho mother with her umbrella stroller. She walks up obviously intent on taking her child to see Santa as well and realizes she has passed the end of the line and at the same time realizes that it is a rather long line. She asks the father with the two kids standing right behind me if he is in line and he replies yes. She starts to push her stroller through the opening between the clothing racks but finds the man's young son standing there. Instead of just going around on the other side of this rack she insists on trying to go through. God in heaven forbid even ONE more person should get in line before she does and cause her to wait a whole 60 seconds extra to get her photo. (*cough cough* bitch). As any sane parent would do the man asks his son to scoot aside and let the lady through on her chosen path. The little boy backs up out of the way... or tries to. In her haste to get in line behind us psycho mom rams her stroller (with a kid in it of course) between the two clothing racks and runs over this poor kid who can't back up quickly enough. When I say run over, I do mean RUN OVER. As in knocked the little critter to the ground..... >:( Are. You. Kidding. ME??!!! Mother $%#@^* !!!! As god as my witness I have beaten this lady to a pulp (yeah I know, maybe I should get that anger thing check out but seriously, what would YOU have done?!?). After knocking this poor kid, who by the way didn't even want to see Santa in the first place, to the ground she gets in line and then gushes a somewhat polite "Oh I'm so sorry" the the kid's dad who to his credit said nothing at all until his wife arrived and he, seething, told her what had happened in as polite and quiet a tone as he was capable of. I really admire this dad personally, b/c at that point an I'm sorry wouldn't have cut it. Hi, I'm Leia and this is my Attorney... my poor kid hit his head on the ground and now Christmas is ruined.... that'll be ohhh ummm the value of your house I should think :P Haha, Merry Christmas Bitch!

I have to say I was completely dumb founded. I asked if the boy was Ok and he was but... wow... just WOW!! Now listen closely parents because this is something I feel is important. 1) It is only Santa, he'll be here till 4 at which time he goes and "feeds his reindeer" and then he'll be back again until 8 or so. You'll get your chance. He's not gonna suddenly run off.
2) You children, even infants which this lady's child certainly was NOT (she was at least 3) learn from what they SEE. The person they look up to the most is usually you. Do you really want to teach them it is OK to knock over other people, be they children or adults, in order to get to something they want? Wow, that could be translated into some really serious life situations now couldn't it. That's real climbing the ladder kind of stuff. Really, be a role model of what they SHOULD do rather than an Asshole.... and for heaven sake, if you are reading this you're an adult, don't act like a spoiled child and DON'T do anything that could HARM either your own child or somebody elses. Seriously, this guy was in Bass Pro Shop wearing camo... she's lucky he didn't jerk a deer rifle down and shoot her!

Oh and here is the photo of Nicholas and Santa :) Isn't he adorable?????? Yeah, I know, right!! :) He wasn't sure what to think of Santa though. He really liked the Easter Bunny when he got his photo made with him and he REALLY LOVED all the characters at Disney he met in October. Santa... ??? Not so much lol. We plopped him down and he turned to look at this strange person and then back at us and he started to cry but then thought better of it and just turned to stare at Santa. Then photographer couldn't get his attention so he just said to hang on a second, there was no hurry. His finger was on the shutter button and we'd have the shot just as soon as he looked back in our direction. Of course when he turned around he didn't look as happy as he could have looked but oh well... he isn't screaming which is more than a lot of first timers can say :) Maybe we'll take him back or to the mall and try again. Maybe not since neither of us want to die in case we meet up with more crazy peoples... lol. ;)

Love Leia and Baby Nicholas :)
(and remember Santa is watching you, so don't be a jerk!!)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Reflections in the night

The past several weeks have been hell. Baby Nicholas is having trouble sleeping to say the least. My once peaceful dreamer has turned into a screaming, crying, wide awake nightmare who no longer has any sort of schedule. This makes for a REALLY tired mommy. It also means friends and relatives are rising up with their uneducated opinions on child rearing in an effort not to help Nicholas in any way but to get ME a couple extra hours of sleep. I am 27 years old and fully capable of taking care of myself. Nicholas is 10 1/2 months old..... am I the ONLY person who see's a problem with all the advice geared towards making ME happy and better?

Last night he woke up earlier than normal about midnight, (the night before it was 4:30am), and when I did the math on how long he'd been asleep it didn't escape my notice that it had been awhile since his last dose of Tylenol to help with the teething pain. Matter of fact it was right on the money time for another dose. Another dose is just what he got along with a diaper check and a big hug. That wasn't quite enough to put him back to sleep but it was enough to make him stop crying.

At this point I had two choices to make. Put him back in bed wide awake and still hurting (since the meds of course take a little bit to help) and let him cry. OR park my butt in the antique maple rocking chair that my grandmother gave me for the nursery and offer up some additional comfort. I chose the rocker, which my sleeping husband who works a 16 hour day starting at 10 till 4 in the morning probably appreciates. It didn't take long really for a serious case of the drowsies to set in and after a few changes in position baby Nicholas was well on his way back to dreamland. I rocked back and forth and back and forth and thought about how much he's grown and how I used to be up about this time of night every night to feed him as a newborn. Oh how tiny he was.... :) That's when the thought hit me that he's really growing up. Already he's gotten so big, though still small by some standards he looks big to us. He's finally grown out of the 0-3 month sized clothes that he was in until around 7 months old. I hear him from time to time over the baby monitor waking up at night and moving around in his crib. He puts himself back to sleep though on his own, in the absence of the teething monster of course. I sat there for a long time still rocking back and forth and back and forth just watching him sleep and thinking. This stage of life may be tiring but it is also so very short. In no time at all he'll be a whole year old and not long after that he'll be headed to preschool. College is just a hop, skip, and a jump away. A high school friend has a newborn who incredibly is already 7 whole weeks old. She's just starting to see how quickly these days fly by while I sit here rocking back and forth with my sleeping baby hardly believing that he isn't just 7 weeks old anymore. The clock on the mantle in the living room chimes, and for god sake honey change the poor thing's battery it sounds awful lol, it's 1:00am and I'm pretty sleepy but I don't mind sitting here for another few minutes rocking. Nicholas twitches every now and again in his sleep but is peaceful and I wonder at the mothers who choose to stick to CIO schools of thought and have to listen to a baby who is upset and in pain when it is so much more peaceful to sit here in the rocker in the dark with the sound of the ocean coming from the sound machine on the window seal. They have to be frustrated by being awakened in the middle of the night by the teething monster and laying there wishing baby would just shut up, wear himself out already and go to sleep.They just have to lay awake and wait for him to settle down. That's the advice I got recently. "Just give him the Tylenol and let him cry until he wears himself out". humm that doesn't sound peaceful to me and anyway his crying is going to wake everyone up so if I'm going to have be awake anyway why not go in and help him go back to sleep? Turns out that he was asleep pretty quickly as opposed to an hour or more (and yup we've tested this that's how long he would keep it up)of desperate crying. The clock chimes.. well tries to chime again, it's 1:15 am and I suppose I can put him back in his crib now so I stand up and walk the two steps or so to the edge of the crib. Nicholas stretches and smiles in his sleep and I lay him down. What a cutie.

Nights like tonight aren't going to last forever. I realize that I spent a little over an hour in the nursery when it feels like only a few minutes. Time really flies. I'm sleepy but content when I crawl into bed to go to sleep. I keep seeing that sleepy little smile and I'm glad I could make him happy tonight. It won't always be so easy to please him and while I would rather sleep I don't mind these few night wakings so very much after all. I realize it won't be long before he doesn't need me to cuddle him to sleep anymore and I know that, as much as I enjoy a full nights sleep, I will miss these quiet moments in the dark. I think some mother's loose sight of that fact, that this is just a short stage of life. Getting up in the middle of the night is part of parenthood in general and in their quest for an extra hour or two of sleep they forget that their baby needs them in a way tonight that he won't always need them. I can completely understand the need for a good night's sleep but I cannot understand putting myself before Nicholas in this situation. Now if Hubby wakes up with a toothache in the middle of the night... well he's on his own! Momma is going back to bed! :P

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ugh, Shut up Stupid Family Friend

Sometimes, you should just keep a thought to yourself. Or sometimes, and hey this is a really novel idea for some, you should get the facts on a topic before expressing an opinion. This especially applies when said opinion is 1) negative in any way or 2) judgemental in any way.

The past week has been a nightmare. Honestly, as much as I enjoyed Thanksgiving, I can see the value in not celebrating holiday's with a family meal. Nicholas ate quite a bit on "Turkey Day" and our reward was an upset tummy. For a week we had loose watery poo several times a day but  not enough to really call serious. It was enough however to give us a terrible diaper rash. He was a little red the day after Thanksgiving but the morning after that we entered diaper rash hell. That morning he had pooed in the night and it had dried to his skin. When he woke up in the morning he was VERY upset which is understandable. Daddy had to bath him to clean his rear end up. Poor poor Nicholas. We tried several different cremes and eventually realized we were going to have trouble keeping up with all the diaper changes in cloth and having enough liners to protect our cloth diapers so we fell back on disposables for a week. It didn't help much. We went through several five alarm meltdowns that usually happened whenever he had a wet diaper and it was burning his rash, We were doing everything right to treat the rash, various skin cremes, baking soda baths, and frequent diaper changes. Meanwhile we were also trying to normalize his pooping habits with a bland diet. It took almost a week but we finally got it taken care of.

About mid week we went grocery shopping and Nicholas was a happy camper off and on sitting in the cart helping us make healthy food choices. A family friend happens by and comes over to say hello. Nicholas knows her and likes her. He of course spit up on my shirt right on cue when she walked up but other than that he was a good boy meeting her again. lol. She asked how he was, he was happy enough to say hello to her but she noted that he wasn't as smiley as he normally is. It was later in the evening so being tired had something to do with it but I also explained that his hind end was a little sore so he wasn't quite 100%. Instead of asking what had happened or offering some motherly or outdated advice on treating diaper rash she gasped loudly and said "A diaper rash??? SHAME ON YOU MOMMY!!!!"
Now, pay attention students, this is the point at which a family friend goes from friend to evil hateful bitch and could wind up injured by an over tired emotionally strung out hormonal first time mother. That's not usually a good thing, especially in WalMart with witnesses. It might be a good idea to find out a few more details before you shame somebody. Not to mention her reaction was just plain RUDE. Come ON!!! You don't notice the unbrushed hair, spit up on shirt, red rimmed eyes of both parents??? Seriously? Oh that's right, you were probably a simply stellar mother who's baby never cried, got sick, had any issue whatsoever, and certainly never had diaper rash on his plastic diapered bottom. Ummm... what was that?? You don't have kids?? Oh that's right, I forgot. You're children have four legs and fur. (honestly this lady might have children, I don't know, but they certainly aren't anywhere under the age of 35 or 40 so it's been a while to say the least)
I almost couldn't speak to her after that but politely said goodbye and then cursed her all the way up the next isle. I actually quite proud that I wasn't rude right back but I did cry when I got to the car. As if my week wasn't crummy enough this lady had basically implied I was a bad mother because I couldn't control the fact that he was pooping (and wiping) more than usual and our good friend Desitin wasn't clearing it up like we thought it would.

The moral of the story is to be careful not only what you say but how you say it and make sure you understand the situation before you stick your foot in your mouth. You could really ruin someone's night and damage a first timers already shaky confidence as a parent. Better to just express a polite awwww or that's to bad or say nothing at all even than to be rude and hurtful like that.

Oh and did I mention we are also teething.... *sigh* Welcome to our little private slice of hell :)

Baby's Firtst Thanksgiving

We had a pretty good thanksgiving and Nicholas says he is ALL FOR holidays like this that are kind of about food. He had his first bite of turkey and he liked it but doesn't mind being vegetarian lol. Those sweet potatoes were YUMMY. At least Grandma's turkey wasn't dry as a bone this year :P He also ate green bean, corn, and broccoli casseroles, sweet potatoes, stuffing, mashed potatoes, carrots and cherios lol. Always have to have cherios on hand. Now I am not the one who gave him ALL of that, family members kept sneaking him stuff. As a baby he's all to happy to put anything you offer him in his mouth lol. The downside to all the feasting is that he experienced some tummy issues that hopefully are clearing up. We've had our first night since thanksgiving that he didn't poo several times and need changed, and our first normal looking poo diaper this morning. So yay. If we can keep him normal that will go a long way in helping the rash, which was getting bad but this morning looked tons better and is almost gone *knock on wood*

Can't wait until christmas!!!
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