Saturday, December 18, 2010

People, PLEASE chill... it's only Santa...

God Almighty... Some parents are freaking PSYCHO! I made this observation today while waiting in line with baby Nicholas to get a photo with Santa Clause.... well his very excellent impostor anyway. You see being Nicholas' very first Christmas I simply was AMAZINGLY excited to have his photo made sitting on Santa's lap. Excited enough that I dressed him in a little black and white plaid baby suit complete with matching bow tie. Go ahead, everyone say it together, "Awwwwwww" :) Anyway back to the point, we get to bass pro shop, ( they had FREE Santa photos, why go to the mall and pay??), and there is a line backed up about a 30 people long. Not horrible but not an in and out kind of thing either. I didn't mind waiting in line, this is SANTA after all. I was bouncing up and down like a five year old and no doubt mortifying my very tolerant husband. It wasn't long before there was a family in line behind us with two children, a boy and a girl, who were at the oldest 6 or 7 years in age. Here it is important to note that this line to see the big man was moving pretty quickly. We waited at most 15 minutes and it didn't seem like that long at all really. Now in this Bass Pro Shop they have circular clothing racks down the main isle in the area where we were waiting in line. Not a big deal, plenty of room to move around them and the line, even with a stroller. Also plenty of room to avoid the time share people who harass you near that area of the store trying to get you to go on a tour and buy stuff. :P So there we are standing in line, Nicholas making faces and waving at the two children behind us and loads of people ooohhhing and Ahhhhing over his seriously adorable outfit. Cue the crazy psycho mother with her umbrella stroller. She walks up obviously intent on taking her child to see Santa as well and realizes she has passed the end of the line and at the same time realizes that it is a rather long line. She asks the father with the two kids standing right behind me if he is in line and he replies yes. She starts to push her stroller through the opening between the clothing racks but finds the man's young son standing there. Instead of just going around on the other side of this rack she insists on trying to go through. God in heaven forbid even ONE more person should get in line before she does and cause her to wait a whole 60 seconds extra to get her photo. (*cough cough* bitch). As any sane parent would do the man asks his son to scoot aside and let the lady through on her chosen path. The little boy backs up out of the way... or tries to. In her haste to get in line behind us psycho mom rams her stroller (with a kid in it of course) between the two clothing racks and runs over this poor kid who can't back up quickly enough. When I say run over, I do mean RUN OVER. As in knocked the little critter to the ground..... >:( Are. You. Kidding. ME??!!! Mother $%#@^* !!!! As god as my witness I have beaten this lady to a pulp (yeah I know, maybe I should get that anger thing check out but seriously, what would YOU have done?!?). After knocking this poor kid, who by the way didn't even want to see Santa in the first place, to the ground she gets in line and then gushes a somewhat polite "Oh I'm so sorry" the the kid's dad who to his credit said nothing at all until his wife arrived and he, seething, told her what had happened in as polite and quiet a tone as he was capable of. I really admire this dad personally, b/c at that point an I'm sorry wouldn't have cut it. Hi, I'm Leia and this is my Attorney... my poor kid hit his head on the ground and now Christmas is ruined.... that'll be ohhh ummm the value of your house I should think :P Haha, Merry Christmas Bitch!

I have to say I was completely dumb founded. I asked if the boy was Ok and he was but... wow... just WOW!! Now listen closely parents because this is something I feel is important. 1) It is only Santa, he'll be here till 4 at which time he goes and "feeds his reindeer" and then he'll be back again until 8 or so. You'll get your chance. He's not gonna suddenly run off.
2) You children, even infants which this lady's child certainly was NOT (she was at least 3) learn from what they SEE. The person they look up to the most is usually you. Do you really want to teach them it is OK to knock over other people, be they children or adults, in order to get to something they want? Wow, that could be translated into some really serious life situations now couldn't it. That's real climbing the ladder kind of stuff. Really, be a role model of what they SHOULD do rather than an Asshole.... and for heaven sake, if you are reading this you're an adult, don't act like a spoiled child and DON'T do anything that could HARM either your own child or somebody elses. Seriously, this guy was in Bass Pro Shop wearing camo... she's lucky he didn't jerk a deer rifle down and shoot her!

Oh and here is the photo of Nicholas and Santa :) Isn't he adorable?????? Yeah, I know, right!! :) He wasn't sure what to think of Santa though. He really liked the Easter Bunny when he got his photo made with him and he REALLY LOVED all the characters at Disney he met in October. Santa... ??? Not so much lol. We plopped him down and he turned to look at this strange person and then back at us and he started to cry but then thought better of it and just turned to stare at Santa. Then photographer couldn't get his attention so he just said to hang on a second, there was no hurry. His finger was on the shutter button and we'd have the shot just as soon as he looked back in our direction. Of course when he turned around he didn't look as happy as he could have looked but oh well... he isn't screaming which is more than a lot of first timers can say :) Maybe we'll take him back or to the mall and try again. Maybe not since neither of us want to die in case we meet up with more crazy peoples... lol. ;)

Love Leia and Baby Nicholas :)
(and remember Santa is watching you, so don't be a jerk!!)

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