Saturday, December 18, 2010

Adventures in people watching

Sorry in advance for the judgemental tone of this post, I can't help it. I'm sharing my experience as I experienced it. Anyway, people are always judging ME for my parenting, I feel like that allows me to express my "wow you're a piece of work" observations here. If you don't like it well that's tuff close the page and don't read the rest of this post.. ;)

Today was a big day. Went to see Santa, went to pet smart, went to the in laws.... that kind of thing. I am an avid people watcher. I'm probably going to be in trouble with Saint Peter when my times comes for all the impolite observations I make about the people around me but I can't help it. The in laws gifted us with some $$$ to go out for a nice dinner. Since we had baby Nicholas with us we chose to go someplace where it would be very easy to find him something to eat. This means Golden Coral since you can always be assured to find something for everyone on a buffet. I was just returning to the table with a plate full of YUMMY! and see a skinny bitch (and I mean that in a nice way... oh OK, who am I kidding, I hate skinny people at a buffet. They make me feel leaning over Nicholas' highchair. As I get closer I realize she is holding a toddler in her arms right in Nicholas' face. I;m a don't touch me kind of person and I usually extend that to don't touch my baby either. I am also a try and be polite in public kind of person. I greeted the toddler who's mouth was stuffed full with a pacifier and he looked at me with big huge "please get me out of here" blue eyes. He was kind of cute, mop of curly blond hair, nice skin, pleasantly plump... you know the look. The lady starts asking about what Nicholas' name is and then begins rattling off everyone she knows who is named Nicholas and tells us that her baby's last name is Nicholas. Oh... I don't really give a crap... my black eyed peas are getting cold. She then launches into the same spiel every parent I meet tends to give me telling me how old her son is and how big he is and his full name and all his nickname... again... black eyed peas getting cold, not cool. I politely nod make uh hu type sounds and smile. She then jerks her kid back out of Nicholas face and says "I don't want to get him sick... Kaden here might have a cold, his nose has been running. I was going to let them hug but well, ya know just in case.. I won't.
*moment of completely speechless*
K, crazy goober you don't want to let your kid touch my kid b/c he might be sick but it's A-OK to stick him right in Nicholas' face, like nose to nose, and let him breath all over him? Are you insane. Good lord, it's cold and flu season and YOUR kid is older and goes to day care where as my, much younger child stays home right now. Great, just Great. If Nicholas is sick next week for his very first Christmas we'll all know where he might have contracted the death flu from... Thanks a lot lady! How about this for a radical idea, how about you ask if it is OK if you get down in my space or my child's space before you just do it? I might not be a friendly person. Fat people aren't always friendly... especially at buffets right :P ROFL. Anyway how about the idea that ME, MYSELF AND I might be sick and could be coughing all over your kid?? Show a little common sense, golly!
Oh the fun didn't stop there, when this chicka walked off my husband leans over the table and says they are sitting right behind us.... as in BE POLITE AND DON'T EMBARRASS ME BY RUNNING YOUR MOUTH! LoLHahaha, wow!!! She then spent the rest of the meal complaining about how hyper her son was all the time. Hahahaha, ya think??? This poor kid though, really, he's in for a rough ride I fear. He was just fine, eating candy off his plate not doing anything to bother anyone and not being loud and not throwing food. His mother did nothing but yell at him to be quiet and to stop that and comment to her partner that ugh! sometimes she just couldn't stand the little boy. WOW! I wanted so badly to say something but well, what could you say for one and two it isn't my place. I wasn't trying to hear every word she said or really watching their table. I couldn't help it though, she was really loud and really hyper herself and I have never ever seen somebody so jittery. I dunno what drug she was on but wow. She barely ate two bites which would explain why she was skin and bones and just couldn't settle down. She also kept coming over to talk to Nicholas. Whoa.... back on up there crack hoe... these aren't the droids you're looking for. They weren't there very long, which was a relief. It takes us forever to eat b/c we share so much with Nicholas and we chat with each other and such. These people were in and out like they'd just wolfed down a happy meal at McDonald's. Nice. It was a relief when they left b/c she was starting to stress me out with all the yelling and constantly coming up to invade MY personal space. I waved bye bye to the little boy b/c she walked up to make him say bye bye to Nicholas. I understand his big please help me eyes now and feel sorry for him. Hopefully momma is just having a rough day and she isn't like that all the time.... Hopefully!!

GOSH! what is up with people today. Is it just me or does the Christmas spirit come down and sprinkle crazy dust over a bunch of people this time of year??

Oh and just a random thought. Why does the spell checker on this program think that when I type "Hahahaha: I am trying to type Chihuahua? Weird.


  1. I have just found out why many older women would come by and touch my children for "no reason". I was being polite but I thought it odd. Here in So. TX it is called giving the "Ohos" which means evil eye. If you don't touch what it is you made a compliment about then you are actually cursing them. Weird. It's one of their superstitions so I usually don't mind now but I was very put off by it at first. I usually leave other people alone but will ask first and definately stay away or stay home if my kids are sick.


  2. I'm glad that I am not the only one who people watches like that. :P

  3. Crazy lady! I hope Nicholas didn't get sick, and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.