Monday, August 9, 2010

Dirty Diaper.. WHOA!!!

Holy shit!! Literally! I couldn't believe my nose this week but like it or not with the introduction of formula and solids to his diet Nicholas' back end has been working over time. I guess we are done with the care free breast milk only not so bad or smelly diapers and have moved onto the toxic waste stage. Gawd!!!
For the last half of the week Nicholas seemed to have a poop time, it was between 3:30 and 4:30 every day. The first time he did it of course was in the car on the way to my dad's house for a start of the school year part. I rushed him, car seat and all, up to the door and told my stepmom OMG, I'll be right back we have a serious diaper issue and I need to get the diaper and wipes out of the trunk (crappy day to leave the diaper bag at home I can tell ya!) It was just a sniff at what was to come.

Because Nicholas usually only poops every couple of days I didn't really expect him to do it again so soon but at the same time (3:45 to be exact) the very next day he woke up from a nap screaming. He was a very very upset baby and as I walked into the nursery it only took 0.5 seconds to find out why. It was like walking into a wall, Whoa... What is that smell?? I looked all over the floor on my way to the crib sure the cat or one of the dogs must have gotten stuck  in the room when I closed the door after putting Nicholas down for his nap and had dirtied the carpet. Nope it was the baby's diaper that was the source of the amazing stench. What was more amazing than the stink was the size of the deposit in the diaper. You would have thought it would have been leaking out and such but nope, it wasn't all that large at all. In fact I wasn't even sure there was anything in there b/c I couldn't see it through the diaper like normal. I opened it up though and it almost knocked me over! ! !

This trend continued until Sunday night when at the dinner at my mother's house Nicholas topped any diaper he's ever produced with an incredible display of baby poo power. Standing in daddy's lap he let a manly type fart and then a big grin. Daddy almost dropped him because about 0.2 seconds after the fart the smell hit him and then began to spread around the room. Nicholas then leaned forward and lifted his left leg slightly and did it again. OMG!!, I again went running for the car to collect the spare wipes since what we had on hand in the diaper bag didn't seem like it would going to cut it. I hit he door just in time to hear a rather explosive sound from Nicholas and laughter from my mom and sputtering and coughing from my husband. We laid a towel down on the diaper changing station for added protection and opener 'er up. WOW! Impressive.

If ever I needed a reason for extended breastfeeding THIS is it! To bad we are stuck supplementing with formula now and probably won't be able to get away from it this time. Oh well. Solids produce some pretty stinky diapers too so maybe it's a moot point now. Still though for the next baby I will KNOW that formula = toxic diapers and breast milk doesn't ha ha. I will miss those days, but as with everything we must move on. Wish they could formulate an infant diet that was so easy to digest it gave all the nutrition needed but also did not produce such a stink. Gosh Gerber get on that would you!!

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