Tuesday, August 3, 2010

6 months old today

Six months ago today Nicholas was born. I can't believe half a year has passed us by. I can't help but remember the scared soon to be momma I was laying in the O.R. in total shock that this IS really happening to me and nothing was going to plan. Oh how far I've come from being who I was then to who I am now. I am sure my husband has similar feelings. Looking back we saw some rough times no doubt. We didn't know we had been blessed with a "high need" baby at first and we didn't know what to do about it. All I knew was my baby was crying and crying and crying and never seemed happy - ever. I fought against this for a while until I discovered a whole new way to look at Nicholas' behavior that changed out parenting style and out perspective. Almost instant improvement. It's been hard to ignore well meaning family members who "let their babies cry". They didn't understand and they still don't to an extent. Seeing is believing with Nicholas. He was difficult back then, not so much now. He certainly has momma and daddy under his spell as well as most of the rest of our family. Breastfeeding has also not come without challenges, mostly educational in nature. It shocks me still just how many people are so poorly informed on the issue, but we'll save that for a post you can bet your bottom IS coming soon along with more info on high needs.

Nicholas began eating Solids over the weekend. I couldn't help it, I did tear up a tiny bit that my little baby was hitting yet another milestone. Just to say we did we started with rice cereal. His first attempt saw him trying to wrestle the spoon away from me rather than eat the strange slightly breast milk flavored white stuff on the end of it. We still had a lot of fun. He has in the couple of days he's been trying become almost an expert in how to eat from a spoon. He likes the cereal and we're hoping that is going to mean good things :) Next stop peas and carrots! Wow, I hope they aren't as sticky as rice cereal and breast milk is!
Video of first foods here

As I watch him grow and change I can't help but think back and smile at how far we've come. When he was first born I couldn't imagine him looking at me and smiling, or rolling across the living room floor to get where he was going, or sitting up, or reaching out to grab things... I couldn't imagine him growing up! Now I can't imagine him not being able to do those things. He has become attached to me recently and over the weekend wanted mommy time all the time. As annoying as it is it's still kind of cute in a way (for now). Looking at him sleeping just now I can't help but wonder what the next six months will hold. Where will we be in at a year old, at two, at five....? Lord I don't even want to think about starting school. 

In addition to being proud of managing to raise my son for six months without doing serious injury to him or myself (OK, OK, So we've had a couple of bumps on the noggin and scratches and pokes... but nothing super major) I can also be proud - I hope - that we have continued to breastfeed in spite of our various challenges and the almost constant criticism. Our goal was 6 months and we've reached it. Whether my family or friends or even my online contacts like it or not I AM going to celebrate that goal. I AM going to celebrate my ability to look at the situation presented to me and look through to a solution. I AM going to celebrate making a plan and following it and successfully coaxing my little one back to the breast. I AM going to celebrate not giving up or giving in. It's something to be happy about. I've done the best I could and the best for my baby regardless of what others think. Myself, my husband, and out son all happy and healthy and according to our doctor Nicholas is doing fine and she is totally OK with him being small so long as he continues to grow.He is right on the money development wise.

So here's to 6 months of Attachment Parenting, Breast Feeding, Baby Wearing, and doing it OUR way with a beautiful, wonderful,  high need baby boy who is the love of our lives. Here's to Nicholas, happy 6 months little man! :)

Feb 3, 2010 9:23 AM
6 months later, growing up :)


  1. I'm glad to see you are blogging again. I've noticed that you have been posting some on the February board again. It is nice to have you back!
    -Becky (Mommy2beFeb2010)

  2. Just came upon your blog through a friend...I am just curious. Pregnant myself for the second time, I am trying to decide on Baby Wise vs. EVERYONE ELSE. Baby Wise says listen to your instincts as a mother. Everyone else seems to say, ask a friend, read a blog, or go against the doctors. My two year old son was a beautiful, independent premie, who is thriving today. I simply allowed my instinct to raise him. What would be the advantage of following these lifestyle guides of raising children that are being offered? It seems like, not only would I be raising a needy, clingy, always-wanting-mommy baby, but it also would take away the joy and pride of saying I did it my way. Will I really be doing it my way if I follow someone elses way, such as Attachment Parenting?

    What do you think?

    Looking forward to you input,
    Katrina- 31

  3. Katrina, that's a REALLY good question. Stay tuned and I'll be answering in a new entry so that I can so justice to the details of my own take on the subject. I will say though that some of the strict schedules and cry it out advice can be dangerous in my very opinionated opinion. I'll elaborate I promise - working on it now.