Friday, August 27, 2010

Babyfood wars - Peaches

So we tried Peaches. I apparently loved Peaches as a baby and my mom sang a song to me about peaches. Must have been one of my favorites. So the way I saw it Nicholas should get the same royal treatment during "peach week" (we try one new food each week). I undressed him, loaded him into the booster seat, fed him his oatmeal, and then came the peaches. I sang the peaches song and everything. I guess because he thought the spoon was going to have oatmeal on it he opened wide and chomped down :) He was in for a surprise. He open his mouth right back up giving me a view of my fresh frozen peach puree and the look on his face was priceless. He opened and closed his mouth several more times and when I approached with a new spoonful he was ready for me. He ate it but then repeated the open mouth shock face lol. Maybe they were tart?? He likes bananas so I know he likes sweet things so maybe this was just a different kid of sweet? I dunno, but it was super funny!! I wish I had had the camera rollling. He ate most of the peaches in the bowl before he was full. His level of surprise went down with each spoonful but the funny faces continued. I wasn't sure he liked peaches. I tried again at dinner time and the reception was much better. Maybe peaches just taste better after green beans than after oatmeal. Anyway he liked them at dinner time and ate everything I offered before having to go get into the bath because he had lovely green beans on his face and arm and chest and peaches in his hair. Yummm. lol.

The one thing about peaches that I neglected to remember is that if your baby is stopped up one of the foods that will help to unstop them is peaches. Can you guess where I am going with this? Let's just say these things should come with a warning lol. It wasn't as bad as the apple prune juice spiked oatmeal (we no longer have that particular product in our household) but it was pretty impressive. I had to take a minute before I could continue the diaper change and take in the awesomeness of this slightly orange poo that had filled his poor pampers up to max capacity. Probably my pause was due to the need to catch my breath because the stench was quite impressive too *gag*. It made me seriously think about my sanity since I am about to get started with cloth diapers.I guess I just haven't gotten over the drastic changes in poo that have taken place since the addition of formula and solids to our diet. Man! I am now thinking I will reserve peaches for special occasions when I am upset with somebody. I will calmly as them to please babysit for Nicholas. Slap a cloth diaper on his mini money maker and load him up with peaches. Hehehehe, better be nice to me huh?? :P

Next week sweet potatoes ... or will it be avocados ???? Who knows, the gods haven't given me a sign yet.

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  1. Oh no! I hate to hear this because I just had a big mess after making the mistake of giving Calvin prunes. I gave him peaches this morning :(