Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cloth Diapering part 2 - experimenting

So my experiment in cloth diapering has begun and we are doing well. I am happy to say I handled my very first real big poo in a cloth diaper yesterday. It was pretty gross but if I can handle that then I think I'm set. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be though I will admit that it might be easier with the addition of a diaper sprayer. In case you aren't aware of what a diaper sprayer is basically it hooks on your toilet and hooks into the water line and is a little mini shower head type deal that you can use to spray any poo residue off your diaper or insert and into the toilet. I don't have one of those but I also don't have the dedication to swirl my diaper or inserts around in the toilet by hand. No dunking here! What I do have though, being a pet groomer, is a waist high tub with a spray nozzle on a hose that I use for bathing critters. That worked wonderfully on the jet setting. Not one little bit of poo remained. Of course I did manage to shoot myself getting the nozzle adjusted *sigh* thank goodness I didn't get anything nasty on me, just water. All in all easy as pie. I dumped all of my diapers, (all three of them plus inserts), in the wash last night and then set them out over one of the wire kennels in the garage to dry overnight. I probably won't do that again. I'll run them through a 30 minute dry cycle first. They weren't dry this morning. Oh well, the diapers and the cover WERE dry but none of the inserts were. So we didn't get to go any cloth today. Just as well though because we were away from home all day and I was expecting a poo (that never came btw so tomorrow is going to be bad...) and wasn't brave enough to take my dipes out for the day with us. Not that it mattered b/c I also washed my wetbag last night and it wasn't dry this morning either lol.

So the run down on the diapers is that it's going well. So far the thirsties duo diaper and the Flip diaper with inserts are my favorites with my rumparoo in third place. It is SOOOO cute though, I am glad I got it anyway, even if it is a bit bulky. No leaks yet either, even though he wore the thirsties duo during naptime Tuesday. YAY!! That was btw the one that got the poo treatment :-p

I'm on the lookout for more diapers that I can afford to add to my stash! Going to definitely have to get more flips at the very least as well as more inserts to go in them. I think I want more pocket diapers like the rumparoo or the thirsties for out of the house though, seems easier to me than having to stuff a new insert in. You have to take the diaper off anyway to do that so why not just change the whole thing and save your self a step :) Tomorrow I am going to try to do all cloth all day. We'll see how that works out. I have three inserts for the flips so that's three changes and then the two pocket diapers which make five so I can make it most of the day in cloth. He'll still wear a pampers in the morning and to bed.

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  1. You definitely get used to the "bulkiness" of cloth. I put Calvin in one of his gdiapers without an insert the other day to swim and I actually thought he looked goofy without his fluffy butt! As far as taking cloth out and about goes you could get a hybrid diaper like g-diapers and get some disposable/flushable liners. Glad to hear cloth has gone well so far!