Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Logan's Roadhouse -A GREAT meal deal

Ok so I just have to share a great deal we got today. We have a Logan's here in our area and have for several weeks now driven by and noticed outside a large advertisement for two full complete dinners for 14.99. No so bad huh. So hubby's mom gave him some cash when we visited and viola we decided maybe we could go to dinner for once and then perhaps go to the produce market afterwards to buy stuff to make into baby food for Nicholas. So we get in and get seated and can't find on the menu anything about the special advertised outside (though they DO have it btw). What we found instead was so much better. For four dollars and some change more we got their 2 for $20.00 deal. Now other places have this 2 for $20.00 thing but Logan's REALLY does it right! You get SOOOOO MUCH!! Most of mine came home in a to go box. First you get to pick a full sized appetizers, we got the onion petals and they arrived almost to hot to eat in one of the buckets that normally you see on the table full of peanuts. They don't skimp on ya! Oh and yeah we had a bucket of peanuts too lol! Then you pick one of 6 steaks and that comes with two sides, we both got salads and potatoes. I got a sweet potato that I couldn't even finish. I saw on the menu that while you can load a regular baked potato with cheese and bacon now you can also order a loaded sweet potato which has the butter and cinnamon AND marshmallows and caramel... WOW. I just got butter on mine. After your main course you get a "shareable" desert which at other places it pretty small. Not at Logan's. A monster brownie with a fudge layer and chocolate sauce and two scoops of ice cream rolls out and it fills up the big plat it's on. I wish I had taken a picture. I hated to waste even one bite of it but even though I hadn't finished my meal and neither had hubby we couldn't finish off this brownie either. All in all WOW! It was great, inexpensive except hubby was stressed out and ordered a big easy (if you've never had one of those do make sure to try one, just have somebody handy to drive you home! There is by the way a limit of two per customer according to one waiter haha). Still it was easy on the wallet and I have lunch for tomorrow! Yay!! Good deal! Plus we had plenty left over to go shopping for baby food and didn't even spend the rest of what we had. City Produce in FWB is also a GREAT deal lol!

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