Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Diaper Addictions :)

Hello, my name is Leia and I am diaper addict....

It's true, even though I have not been in cloth full time I am already addicted. I LOVE THEM. I am always willing to show one of them off when somebody is curious. I am always willing to state the facts of what this generations cloth diapers are like when family or friends is freaked out by them. Lately I am finding myself shopping for the latest and greatest diapers, especially custom made ones. It's amazing to me how the addiction comes so quickly.
It starts with a couple of diapers. I'm gonna test the waters and see if I like this and feel like I can do it. Once you get that first big poo diaper and you take care of it on your own with no trouble you begin to realize "Hey, this is going to be easy". You set about to aquire a few more diapers so that you can use cloth every day or so until you can stash up enough to do cloth full time. Now here I think is where the addiction starts. You see there are SO many diapers out there on the market each one a little different. You decide to try more than one type. First I really loved the thirsties diaper, but then I tried a flips cover. The rumparoom is soooo darn cute with the little whale design on it and is great for overnight. You start to try and see about getting diapers most like the ones you like best (in this case the Flips and the Thirsties) for a price easier on the wallet than the name brands. Enter Kawaii diapers, which are on the way. Then you discover the velcro on your thirsties diaper is a little less than perfect and slips a bit when baby moves around. You begin to lust after more snaps and start saving up money for more flips covers and inserts. The inserts though with just the one cover that I have are a bit of a pain to change, not quite as easy as disposables. You decide a pocket is the way to go and wish Thirsties came with snaps b/c you don't have to remove the insert before washing like you do with other pockets. Then it happens.... you win a brand new Ragababe all in one diaper in a giveaway and you are IN LOVE. You now hate your thirsties which to begin with was your favorite and visit the ragababe site daily just to look at all the cute designs and wish you had a little extra cash on hand to stock up on those. Your birthday and Christmas are coming up you keep reminding yourself as you sigh and wish they would hurry up.I find myself on ebay now typing in searching for cloth diapers looking for a good deal or for something unique. I found something today that almost had me jumping up and down in excitement. A WAHM living right here in my area had a listing for custom made diapers one of which was an FSU fabric and the other was a mickey mouse print. OMG!! Now you are thinking you need to work more not so that you can help your husband with bills, though that is very important. but so you can afford more diapers. Your baby simply MUST have the cutest tushie in town or your life is practically over. Blocking ebay from your computer might be a good idea at this point. :) Yup I am officially addicted to cloth diapers and the concept that Nicholas must have the most adorable diapers ever. The latest and greatest -that's for him!

.... I am also addicted to baby carriers.... don't get me started on wraps, ring slings, mei tais and more... :P

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  1. I'm right there with you! I am so addicted that I had one of his 6 month pictures done with his diapers LOL. My husband makes fun of me all the time!