Monday, September 6, 2010

Baby's first highschool football game

Awwwww Another milestone met, Nicholas went to his first football game. He was so cute, and so well behaved. I couldn't believe it but he was awake for the whole game and he watched a good bit of it too. Well... he watched the cheerleaders a lot lol. We sat in the stands and cheered the team while eating boiled peanuts and tootsie pops lol. Nicholas got his first taste of a tootsie pop and he's all set to try and answer the age old question of how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop. LoL. Honestly that was the cutest part of the whole night lol. I gave him a little taste of mine, which was cherry I guess, and his eyes got all big for a moment and then he lunged forward again mouth wide open for another good taste. ROFL. He is of course NOT allowed to have candy but it was a special occasion and I figured it was just sugar for the most part and wouldn't hurt him. He didn't get to taste any of the peanuts :P though he sure tried to get into the bag. He is such a little explorer! Nothing is safe!! He love love loved the marching band and watched Aunt Kay, who's in the color guard, out on the field. Now the race is on to try and get a school spirit onesie made up for him to wear to next week's homecoming pep rally, parade, and football game.

Speaking of football and milestones he also watched his first Alabama game on TV this weekend. Aunt Donna and Aunt Kay picked him up a Bama onesie and he was all set until it was time to eat his carrots. He had to take the onesie off for that just in case because carrots stain.

Next week is Homecoming though and he and Jazz are hopefully going to be decked out in red and white to attend the parade. I was trying to get a white diaper to put red lettering but no deal. Hubby didin't want to. He's such a spoil sport but oh well. He can sit home and we'll all have a good time next Friday! If I am able to get Jazz all colored up I will be sure to post pictures lol! Should be ADORABLE!

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