Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Commercial Break.... :-S

Today was kind of a rough day. No nap for baby, sick dogs, overwhelmingly dirty house... you get the idea. I decided it would be OK for Nicholas to watch a little TV while he was in his highchair in the hopes that he would sit in there a little longer than normal and give me time to mop the floor (again) to clean up the dog's unfortunate accident. After that was done I couldn't help getting sucked in by a episode of The Wonder Pets. First of all is there is dumber show on TV.... besides Dora the Explorer I mean? Anyway while I sat there stunned by the sheer silliness of this show (Nicholas grinning like a idiot and enjoying every minute of course) the commercials came on. First one was for cereal, Cinnamon toast crunch to be exact. Pretty innocent right? Uh hu, until I paid closer attention. Two squares of cereal are in the bowl, no milk just in case it matters to you. While one square looks the other way the other sticks out it's tongue and licks it's friend. Ummm gross lol. Then it acts like it did nothing. The second square looks away again and we see the first start to stick it's tongue out again for another lick and BAM, the second square turns around and in one bite EATS his licking friend! OMG.... !!!  In the same commercial break we watched another cereal commercial. This one for Trix. We've all seen these right, where the white bunny just wants a bowl of cereal and the kids won't let him have one. This has been going on since I was a little kid, and maybe even longer. Poor rabbit. This time the rabbit seems to accept that he will never get a bowl of Trix and just shrugs and says " A rabbit can dream can't he?". What on earth??? Isn't that sending the message that sometimes you just can't achieve your goals, hopes, and dreams? Gosh. It's been like 20+ years, give the damn rabbit a bowl of cereal already. Chances are he won't even like it. Seriously have you tastes Trix? Yuck :P lol. We also watched commercials for some crazy toys and Trojan condoms. Speaking of the last one, maybe that is there to remind you about birth control so you don't have to watch stupid shows like this for any longer than you have to (like you would if you had another baby) LOL. Or maybe it was there to rub in the fact that you forgot to use one that one night and now look what you have to watch on TV. :p

So I'm thinking I may DVR the Wonder Pets show for future TV days and then I can fast forward through the commercials. I pay attention to the subject matter of the shows I may allow him to watch but I can't factor in commercials. It doesn't do a great deal of good to do research and pre-watch some shows to make sure you are OK with letting your creature watch them when the network is going to put inappropriate commercials into the mix :P

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