Saturday, April 16, 2011

Baby Nicholas goes to Hooters!

Ok, so I was raised to believe Hooters was a bad place, just one step down from a strip joint. You go there to look at boobies and butts and you justify it by saying the food is really good whether it is or not. It's a sports bar, a guy place.... the ultimate man cave. Except for one thing, the wife and baby you brought along b/c this is actually really and truly a family restaurant. Surprise! lol. Never mind that a pretty decent number of playmates and Hefner girlfriends have been hooters girls, and never mind that they require all sorts of ridiculous dress and behavior of their employee's. Honest to goodness this is daddy's favorite family hangout. I found that out today when my husband and I decided to take our weekend trip out to lunch and out of the blue he said "why don't we go to Hooters?" I had made mention a time or two about the rumors of good food and said I had never been before. Off we went :D

Yay arrival at last, I get to experience the hoot. We walk in the door and first impression was yup it's a sports bar type place and ummmmmmmm is there a hostess on duty or can we just go sit down? About .003 seconds later a cheery chorus of "Hi, WELCOME to Hooters!!!" Well, ok, so we've got friendly folks in here I guess. :) The hostess comes bustling up gives us a nod and a smile I guess to show that she is not totally ignoring us as she by passes me and heads straight to.... nope, not the husband. NICHOLAS! "Oh my gosh, heeeeelllooooo, aren't you a little cutie pie! Yes, you are soooooo CUTE!" With no hesitation she holds out her hands and to my extreme surprise takes my son right out of my husbands arms and continues to fawn over him. Make no mistake here, she didn't just steal him or anything, I think she may have asked if she could hold him I don't really recall. My husband handed him over no doubt just as surprised as I was lol and inquired if they had highchairs. The reply he got was "Of course we do, we just wuv widdle babies like you handsome boy!" lol. She carried Nicholas all the way to the table and expertly plopped him into a highchair and helped buckle him in. All the while keeping up a steady conversation along the lines of welcome to hooters with a fair amount of what a cute little boy this is and a mention of her own daughter loving to come eat here at  hooters b/c of the lights around the windows looking like Christmas lights. Nice. A few seconds after being seated we had our drink order taken by our waitress and magically crackers appeared at the table for Nicholas brought by the hostess. Another waitress brought over a yellow balloon and tied it to the highchair for Nicholas to play with. So adorable since Nicholas and daddy were wearing their matching yellow polo shirts today :) We order our fried pickle appetizer and crayons and a coloring page appeared at the table. Nicholas was in heaven with all the girls paying attention to him. He is such a flirt. He chowed down on some fried pickles and when our meals arrived the waitress has brains in addition to her boobs and made sure to place the plates OUT of Nicholas' reach. I cannot tell you how many dumb waiters and waitresses out there (probably those who do not have kids) put a scalding hot plate of food down practically right in front of Nicholas. Ummmm hey genius, babies tend to grab things and this has one of two outcomes. Either the plate is hot and will burn him (Mexican places) or he will mange to get a hold on it and WILL pull it into his lap and thus dumping food all over the floor, and possibly burning himself in the process and almost certainly will break the glass plate. Thankgoodness this lady has some sense. She was also nice enough to offer to refill his sippy cup with water when he had drank most of what we had brought for him. There is a first! All throughout our meal Nicholas babbled at and flirted with the waitress who kept in a good mood so mommy and daddy could actually eat for a chance. He hadn't even had a nap and between the food, crayons, balloon and wait staff Nicholas stayed entertained and happy without being over stimulated. Apparently the staff at our local hooters is extremely baby friendly. Definitely a win. I have to say it was a nice change from other places we've eaten where the staff could care less and you have to be on the lookout for things than can wrong during the meal.

The most surprising thing about this whole experience was guess what, the food IS really good. I was surprised. They have more than wings as well which also kind of surprised me. I had only ever heard about their wings. The staff was friendly and yeah they were dressed in a way that would certainly add fuel to a man's imagination but hey, at least they are covered. There are way worse things for my husband to be looking at and they were wearing little shorts under their ridiculously short school girl inspired skirts so nothing was showing that shouldn't be. I have to say we will definitely be back. Yum yum and lots of fun. :) I'd call this a hidden gem, who knew?? :) This is my kind of place..... now if I could just magically look like a hooters girls we'd be all set :P Hahaha, 

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