Sunday, April 10, 2011

Healthy Mom In the Kitchen Recipe Challenge

Help us cook and eat healthier (or for that matter at all lol) I plan on compiling and then trying out as many new recipes as I can with my family and writing a review of how it went. Me ... in the kitchen..... you won't want to miss this ROFL.

Recipes need to be
- reasonably healthy, (Even better if they happen to be vegetarian or easily converted to veggie)
-all or in part toddler friendly
-easy to prepare. No crazy prep instructions if you please, if I try and flambe something I am likely to set my house on fire.
-NOTHING fried, see previous comment and friend foods aren't super healthy anyhow.
-inexpensive to prepare. No 8.99 a pound lamb or anything. :P
-preference will be given to clean fresh ingredient recipes over recipes that contain or are based on store bought mixes or soups. These types of recipes may take longer to prepare but that's OK. That is part of the challenge.

You can e-mail your recipes to (please put recipe challenge in the subject line) or you can leave them as a comment here (comments won't be published for viewing)

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