Friday, April 8, 2011

Shut it and ring me up Mr. Walmart cashier

Good lord, sometimes you just want to smack people.

I was in WallyWorld this evening to buy dog food, which in my case means 20 lbs of chicken quarters (more on that in later post). My husband and I decided that since we were in the store on our own without baby Nicholas we could spend as much time looking at whatever we wanted to as we wanted. Somehow we ended up in the craft section on the way to electronics and I decided I would go ahead and buy Nicholas some crayons. I was reading in the WTE the toddler years book that it is never to early to introduce art and Nicholas is much better about not trying to eat everything he picks up so we are going to give the crayons another try. I bought a small pack of the large ones (I was looking for the uber large ones but I guess they don't make those anymore???). We looked around some, picked up the chicken, and proceeded to the checkout. Because we only had three items we went through the express lane. We were in a hurry to go and pick Nicholas up from Granny's house since it was getting late. The cashier was a nice older gentleman who was just a little to nice. He was taking FOREVER to ring up the two ladies (who were together but buying their items separately). He was talking about each item and flirting and OMG.... just HURRY up! This is supposed to be express checkout for heaven sake. COME ON! Finally it's my turn and he acts like the two bags of chicken are just sooooooooooo heavy and comments about how I must like big meats. First of all you're in your 60's at least and I'm a 20 something. I'm not discussing what kind of meat I like or how big I like it. Hey, though I'm kind of a bitch so sure I'll play along. To throw him a curve ball I commented that I was a vegetarian and didn't eat meat (partly true, though I had just come from a nice dinner with the hubs where I had eaten a medium rare steak lol). He almost dropped the second bag of chicken and just looked at me. Ummmm k, now whatcha gonna say gramps? Anyway he then started commenting that the bags were very heavy and he was only going to put one each in a shopping bag. Sure, that makes sense to me. Ever try and carry 20lbs of anything in a little plastic bag? Then we get to the crayons. You would have thought I was buying beer and condoms or something when he saw those. "ohhhh crayons huh?" Ugh, can I hit this guy? JUST RING IT UP AND LET ME PAY!!!! He makes a big production about the crayons and my husband pipes up and says that they are for our son, his first set of crayons dontcha know. No comment from the cashier. Weirdo, apparently walmart is all about hiring geriatric deviants to run their registers??? Anyway he then kind of refuses to put the crayons in their own bag and tosses them in with one of the bags of chicken. *smacks head* hey mister, you ever hear of salmonella ? Thank goodness these are nice thick bags and didn't have any leaks in them. He could of put them in one of the little tiny bags before he stuck them in with the chicken. OK so finally our purchases are rung up and I am paying and we should be on our way. Nope, this is walmart we're talking about here nothing is ever that easy. He takes forever to count out our change. OK so he wants to make sure he does it right, that's fine. What was not fine was that he took the time to look at each and every coin front and back (WTH??) and same with the bills. Like do we have a money fetish?? There was a stamp on one of the dollar bills he pulled out of the drawer that said something like "track this bill" and had a website to log onto. He made a big deal about that too reading it out loud to everyone standing in line. OMG, seriously it's my money give it to me and let me out of here you freak. Nope, not so fast. Now he wants to have a discussion on what this might mean. Kill me... we are never getting out of walmart, tell Nicholas I loved him and was buying him crayons lol.

Finally we were able to leave and head to the car after it taking us almost 10 minutes to check out with three items. Incredible. Nicholas was happy to see us when we arrived to pick him up. It was nice to go out without him but I was glad to have him back as well. Thank god he wasn't with us in walmart. He's not the most patient creature and having to sit there while Mr crazy guy checked up out would have been a real experience. Then again he would have probably started throwing a fit and maybe the process would have been a lot faster :P

The dollar bill by the way is a neat thing. The website is and you enter the serial number of the dollar bill you've received and you can see where the dollar has been before it came to you. This one has traveled 99 miles in about a month, the last entry was in Mobile AL which is a couple hours from here. Interesting. :P

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