Sunday, November 22, 2009

Daddy's first kick

I'm supposed to take notice of any pain or cramping like that which happens more than 6 times in an hour or doesn't go away when I change position or something like that. I've had a lot of cramps today : / I took a warm shower and they stopped and then Nicholas started beating me to death from the inside... LoL. He really likes, or dislikes orange juice it seems. It's always gets a reaction. I'm still coughing but thankfully it isn't uncontrolable or anything. It that awful hacking cough though that makes everyone thing you're dying. Nicholas doesn't like coughing, I usually get a good kick or two. Like he's saying "Hey!!! knock that off, I'm sleeping in here!"

Yay though, John FINALLY got to feel him kick this afternoon, after a glass of O.J. and a coughing fit Cletus got very active. He's been grinning all day and is trying to touch my tummy now whenever he can. He even kind of rocked it back and forth this evening while I was on the couch, which yielded such an unpleasant result he won't do it again I can promise lol. I can now also add yet another food to the list of things to NEVER EVER eat if you might have even the slightest chance to throwing them back up. No wonder I'm losing weight, my list of no go foods is getting pretty long LoL

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