Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not the best OB appointment today

weeeelllll bummer he, still in there and he does still have a heartbeat (that's not the bummer part, that's the GOOD news), but we're having difficulties it seems. Doctor is worried about on and off cramping and bleeding that I've had on and off since last week. I had an appointment today for my regular monthly visit and she was very concerned which kind of scared me. John couldn't go with me to the appointment this time which he was upset about, he never intended to miss any of them but got a second job since we were worried about the possibility of bed rest in the near future which will mean no income from me. He had to work this afternoon/evening so missed the Doctor. My mother was THRILLED he wasn't going to be able to go because that meant SHE had a reason to come. She got to hear the heartbeat so she was excited about that. We decided that I would never ever ever ever go to an appointment alone just in case something was wrong or a test result was bad or god forbid there was some other tragic happening, that way I wouldn't be by myself to recieve the news which was another reason my mom came with me today.

Anyway so I have a second Ultrasound and some additional lab work set up and a follow up for two weeks from now. They didn't have a tech to do the ultrasound today or she would have gone ahead and done it I think. She poked me extra hard and felt around and he kicked at her so she was encouraged. We're going to start our twice monthly routine earlier than expected.

She is also concerned that I am losing weight again, never been griped at for losing a pound or two before so it's a new experience, I usually have the opposite problem LOL. I have been having trouble eating and she's bothered by that. My whole system seems to be out of order leave it to me right?

We're hoping the cramping and soreness was/is the result of one of those other pregnancy related digestive issues that makes you dread having to go to the bathroom. I have instructions to do "that" fun little bathroom chore in the next 24 hours and call if I can't and call if I get any more cramping at all no matter how mild or even the slightest tinge of pink.

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