Saturday, November 21, 2009

Arrrgg Evil demon children and dumb parents!!

I'm going to be a terrible parent probably but this is seriously how I think and I am super Peeved.

Last Wednesday I was in the OB's office for my appointment. It's not uncommon for ladies in the waiting room to have young children with them. A lot bring thier newborns to their post whatever you call it check up. Sometimes you get somebody with a toddler but that seems to be the age limit of most kids. These kids are something noisey but their parents, the ones I've seen/met so far anyway, keep them in reasonably in check. No running all over the room screaming and what not. I also very rarely see anyone who is stupid and inconsiderate enough to bring somebody with them who is obviously ill.
So anyway back to Wednesday there is a couple here that I will call older even though they aren't really, they were just a slightly older than the norm for that office. They already had two kids maybe 6 and 4 years old. These kids as well as her husband were obviously sick. Her hubby was coughing and curled up on the couch in the middle of the room where he fell asleep and began snoring. I wanted to throw a magazine at him to get him to hush lol little things irritate me I suppose. I spotted them right away and chose a spot as far away from them as I could get in one of the corners. I guess the two kids decided my corner looked fun for whatever reason and not only came over to play in it with some block but were so close to me that they were actualy sitting on my feet and at one point I had to pull them up in the chair. All the while they were coughing and wheezing and hacking all over and around my legs. Momma didn't teach them to cover their mouths I suppose. I was ready to jump up and and lysol the little demons. I could just imagine that I could see little evil germs bent on destruction comming my way from them. I even tried to stop breathing as much as I could. I shoo'd them away a couple of times. Their mother did NOTHING, probably figured "Oh thankgod they are bothering somebody else for a min. "
Witch !
Finialy she came over and I though she was going to take them away. Nope wrong, she plopped her wide load right down in front of me, and I mean right at my feet, and began to play with her kids.
Seriously??? WTF??????
I half joking said to my mother that this corner seems to be taken so maybe we should scoot over to give them more room. The lady looks up and gives me this eat crap kind of look and says sorry, she'll move them. Well her version of moving them was to tell them to give me some room for my feet and not to touch me, which neither paid any attention to. The mom then showed that she too had a cough and coughed on my leg.

So can you guess what I woke up to two days ago??? A cough. It's been getting worse over the last couple days . Today my cough has progressed to cough with a slight sore throat and seems to be more in my chest than before and a slight headach and slightly sensative joints in my wrist, neck, fingers, and ankles. Not exactly flue like body ache but enough to be annoying. I washed obsessively in the bathroom and and developing a bit of a nervous tick about cleaning my hands and not touching my face or for that matter much of anything else unless I have to while out in public. I was determined not to get sick while I was pregnant if I could avoid it. I've been downing O.J. by the gallon it seems to help fight off whatever I've come down with. As if my problems weren't great enough The coughing has also stimulated some additional cramping and I had to call the birthing center today since my Doc. isn't open on weekends. I've been given really clear instructions that no cramping should go unreported from this day forward, at least until my follow up when they can determine if Nicholas is ok.

I am soooooo angry right now though, what on earth prompted this lady to bring her entire sick family into the OB's office?? I also don't understand why the staff couldn't have said something to her and/or made them wear masks. There are signs posted ALL over the hopsital that any one displaying certain symptoms or who has been diagnosed or suspected of either Flu strain should be masked. I know it's exciting and you want your husband there with you that first OB visit to confirm pregancy, I figured out that is what she was there for, but come on!!! Have a care. Plus you already have two kids, he's probably seen it before and if he and the kids are sick you should leave them at home. This offices deals with high risk pregancies *raises hand* surely they should have a care.

K, this is long enough, sorry. Had to gripe though! Arrrgggghh!!!!!

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