Saturday, November 21, 2009

manners matter... am i going to cut it as a mother?

It seems like manners matter is a slightly novel idea these days. I swear though, I'll be realy really lucky to avoid jail time the first time my kid spits at me or bites me or throws a serious temper tantrum in walmart. I just know I'll grab my kid byt the shirt collar and march him out of the store and some liberal goober will report me for abuse. If I toed the line when I was a kid and did something serious I got in big trouble. Non of this think about what you've done while you sit here and color nonsense. I don't think you should beat your kids to within an inch of thier lives, tempting as it might become, or anything but the punishment should fit the crime so to speak. If you color on the wall during an art project, ok thats a time out maybe. If you throw your crayons at mom and rip the drapes down off the wall because you were pissed at being given a time out... Well, thats a whole different matter and you might want to make sure you can run faster than I can. I'm not going to try and kill him, (god knows it's been hard enough just getting him here) but I'm might make him think that I am.

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