Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let's Hold Hands :)

As you may remember from my Tantrums From The Dark Side post Nicholas HATES to hold hands, as in REALLY HATES it! If you take his hand and try and walk with him anywhere he instantly throws himself to the ground and screams like you tried to kill him. (I love my toddler, I love my toddler, I love my toddler.... ) I don't know what bonked him on the noggin and knocked some sense into him but suddenly as of today *knock on wood* hand holding is not only OK, it's fun! :) This evening I needed to do some running around that included dinner with granny, a trip to visit the great grandparents, and a trip to deliver a phone to my sister and visit our other grandma and grandpa. Nicholas is starting to get a tad heavy and sometimes wiggly so today when I asked him to if he wanted to "Go Bye Bye" and he ran to the door I took hold of his hand, held my breath prepared for a tantrum, and opened the door to lead him outside. Out he walked like a little gentleman and off we went to the car. I think I might have held my breath the entire time we were walking to the car fully expecting him to rip his hand free and try and make a break for it to go explore the yard. He didn't! We made it all the way to the car and into the car seat with no trouble. Yay! He even held my hand at the restaurant and walked all the way from the car inside and then to our table. Now if you think a cute toddler being carried to a table draws attention that's NOTHING compared to a tiny tot walking hand in hand to a table. Ooooohhhs and Ahhhhhs and awwww look at the little baby, followed our progress through the dining area. Nicholas is quite the ham too so naturally he tried to stop and talk to some of his admirers lol. We made it through dinner and walked back out to the car hand in hand. YAY!!!! This routine repeated itself through most of our stops this afternoon and he only had to be carried once but that was because he had fallen asleep. He even held my hand a time or two when we were playing in great grandma's back yard - something he has NEVER DONE. In addition to improved hand holding skills he also responded to "lets go bye bye" at each and every place we were today. THAT'S a huge help!! I didn't have to chase him down to leave anywhere which is not the norm for us! He even came running to me while we were in our own backyard playing when I called to him to come over hand help me fill up the water thingie for the chickens.  I almost hate to write all this down for fear of jinxing myself but I can't help it. I am soooooo proud of him though that I just have to share!!! I really hope this continues. I'm not naive enough to think he's going to always want to walk with us like that but a toddler has a mind of their own for sure, but I do hope he will walk with us sometimes. Sometimes he doesn't want to be in a baby carrier or a stroller and if he'll hold out hands and come with us it will make like a lot easier. I think this is a habit we need to practice! Hooray for hand holding and hooray for toddler cooperation!!! :D


  1. If it helps any, we make a game out of it. Usually Lily or Kyle is with us and for Logan to hold their hand and hold mine. We go 1, 2, 3 jump! And swing him alittle. He this last week started saying it! In the last 2 weeks he has been repeating us! For a child with only 5-10 words 2 months ago at 2 yr check up, he finally isn't afraid of his voice.

  2. Cal has been doing this recently too. I love it!