Thursday, August 4, 2011

Has it been 18 months already?!

Gosh WHERE did the time go??? I can't believe it but yesterday I woke up and it was August 3rd. Nicholas' "half birthday". Probably I am a dope for celebrating the "half birthday" after he's already a year old but I couldn't help it. Besides, why waste any excuse to have a special day? So we got up, had a yummy breakfast and played and played and played. I really wanted to take him to the playground at the local park but the heat index was 112 - YIKES! So no surprise that when the husband got home from work he wasn't thrilled about that idea and shot it down lol. In fact he looked at me like I had lost my mind. I don't do well in the heat to be honest so he was pretty shocked at my idea. What we did instead was wait another hour or so and took Nicholas down to the beach. It was just about sunset when we got there so it was cooler plus the breeze that is ever present down on the water. It was actually rather nice. Nicholas hasn't been to the beach since he learned to walk. Last time we took him we set him down in the sand and off her went crawling out to sea lol. This time we handed him a couple of toy shovels and he was happy as the proverbial clam to play in the sand. He did eventually make it to the water and he had fun letting the waves come up around him. Every time a big one would splash him he would giggle and bounce up and down on his butt. He is SUCH a water baby! We played for maybe a little more than an hour it was pretty dark by the time we left not that it mattered b/c the area we were was very very well lit with ambient light from restaurants, the boardwalk, a pier, and a couple of night clubs. Very family friendly even after dark :) When he started grabbing and trying to eat handfuls of wet sand we decided our big beach adventure was over lol. Sure did enjoy it. Even though we had dinner waiting at home in the crock pot I was hungry right then so the husband stopped and picked up a quick snack. Just to let you know S'more flavored goldfish = AWESOME :) Mommy and Toddler approved. Dinner when we got home was a yummy pot roast with carrots and green beans and homemade mashed potatoes (Are there really any other kind?) YUM-O! Nicholas enjoyed it and then a bath and off to bed with no trouble at all (a first for the last couple of weeks).
 I can't believe we are halfway to two years old - WOW! Why is it that your life just sort of goes by at a normal pace when you are in a non parent but the very second you find out that you are expecting somebody turns time to high speed and everything just FLIES by? :) Before you know it your pregnancy is over and you have this newborn bundle of joy. Then one day your wake up and your newborn has morphed into a toddler. Preschool is just a hop, skip, and a jump away and you are left wondering "how did this happen" LoL. You just have to buckle up and hang on for the ride! :) I wouldn't trade the last 18 months for anything in the world even though they haven't always been easy. Then again is anything that is really worth it ever really easy? I wonder what the next 6 months will hold for us. Surely it will be full of awesome!

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