Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ragamail :D

Ragamail calllllll, ragamail, ragamail, hot diggity dog it's ragamail! :D

Yup I got new diapers yesterday and of course they were the bestest most awesomest diapers in the cloth diapering universe (even if they don't have puppies on them lol). They were well worth the wait.

Ragababe has been busy busy coming up with new color options for their diapers and hopefully will reopen for sales sometime this month. They have introduced a new darker tie dye print and added black to their all in one solid and two step diaper. I know I kind of said in my last ragapost that I likely wouldn't be forking over the cash for any more two steps ( as awesome as they are) but with the option of black and pick your own snap colors. How can I resist?? I have the BEST idea for a pattern made from the snaps on a two step and I want, I want, I want. Of course the last time the opened, for about 15 minutes, I was only able to get two diapers ordered. Granny was buying Nicholas two new rags for his birthday and I was going to use my own card to buy some additional ones. Of course by the time I got the first order finished and went back to do my second the site was no longer live and all the diapers were out of stock. Bummer. Maybe next time though :)

I'll be happy with these two for now :)

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