Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What's going on with us

So, I haven't been able to write much for a while. Partly because I have been super busy and mostly because I no longer have my own computer. I am kind of hoping that the mother's day fairy will bring me one in May but who knows. For the moment I have hijacked my husband's laptop and I must be doing something right after hours because he doesn't mind. :P  My laptop was on it's last legs and finally died... not only did it die but it also literally fell apart. :/ Sucks to be me sometimes lol. Oh well. Anyway like I said I've jacked my husband's and am sitting here at my newly cleaned off kitchen table with a a cat (who isn't supposed to be up here) sitting next to me watching the words magically appear on the screen and four dogs supervising my writing from the floor both in the living room and right here under the table at my feet. No word on where to demon cat from hell is hiding but I am sure she is around somewhere, oh wait, never mind there she is sleeping in the chair across the table from me.

Anyway a lot has happened like I said. Besides losing my computer and (OMG) ALL of my photos from the past four years (I can still retrieve them so yay for that!) we have begun the journey into toddler hood with Nicholas. He's taken his first steps but still isn't really walking on his own yet. He is happy to walk holding onto things (walls, couches, tables, pants legs, toys he can push) but rarely will he venture out on his own and when he does it's only a couple of steps at a time before he sits and down crawls. Guess he doesn't want to grow up any more than I want him to :P I don't know when he'll begin really walking but I am hoping it is soon b/c walking means getting to go and play outside more which is a huge plus.

In January we welcomed 6 little chicks into our family after decided we'd like to raise a few laying hens for eggs. Fresh eggs coming soon. The chicks are 8 or 9 weeks old now and not old enough to lay yet but are doing well. We have two Buff Orpingtons, three Black Australorps, and one Silver Laced Wyndotte. I think one of the lorps might be a rooster but I hope not. If it turns out to be a roo he's outta here I'm afraid. In the meantime they are all living quite happily in a coop in our backyard with most of the day to free range and my my how friendly they are, but that's another post. We'll see what happens and I'll keep everyone updated on the "Chicken Project" :) In related news we also welcomed a duck named Daisy into our feathered family in Feb. Actually on Nicholas' birthday lol. I'll make a separate post about Daisy's story later, it's kind of sad, but she is happy and well cared for and lays an egg a day for us almost without fail. She is also super friendly lol and living in our backyard eating bugs and fertilizing the grass.

We are trying to be a little more self sufficient I suppose and in addition to the new feathered friends we are also planning out a large veggie/herb garden. I am about ready to get seeds and am super excited reading articles on canning and preserving fresh home grown food. It's going to be exciting. I am planning to do a lot of container gardening in addition to the little plot of land we've fenced off to be the traditional veggie garden. I figure the more crop I can grow in containers the more ground space that frees up for other plants. All of my herbs will be in planter boxes that my husband is going to put up on the fence. We have one of those hanging tomato contraptions and will put it to use and plants like peppers and more tomatoes do very well in containers. It'll be fun and will help with out quest to cook and eat healthier at home.
Speaking of eating healthy we've decided to begin a more vegetarian lifestyle. Hubby is surprisingly supportive of the idea as well as of the idea that I would like to be more strict about what I eat and hopefully lose a little weight. Hummm... I wonder if his support is his way of agreeing that I am fat.... A-hole. Anyway that aside I'm appreciative of the support regardless. As of now we no longer purchase any type of beef and we don't cook or eat beef at home. Now when we are out my husband can eat as he pleases, though we've never discussed such a thing. I figure though that that is fair and if he wants a burger or a steak so be it. I'm sticking to chicken which I don't tell jeepers and peepers who are residing the backyard lol. Eventually I would like to eliminate chicken and pork as well for most meals. We'll see how that goes. I could do it but could hubby? lol.

In the spirit of fun and reclaiming some of my old seld we've decided to set some goals with our dogs in the form of switching them to a more natural diet (raw foods in this case) and doing some more serious training to get two of them ready to compete in AKC obedience and Rally-O trials. That will be fun. We already have one who has a Rally title so I'm hoping the other two can follow in his paw prints. Now that Nicholas is more agreeable to staying in his play pen for a little while out in my grooming area I am also working on some niffty haircut for the two poodles as well as grooming more of my client's dogs which is helpful when it comes to purchasing dog food.

Nicholas got to meet his first international travelers this past week when some friend's of my mother's arrived on a visit from Scotland. He was very put off at first by the odd (to him) accent but over the last week he has decided that at least one of the two guests are ok in his book and he is happy to smile and interact like he would with somebody he's known for ages. I sure wish he hadn't just started teething right before they got here and he would be in a more pleasant mood. Poor guy. That bitchy tooth fairy took her sweet time in delivering his 7th and 8th tooth this past weekend and today. Hopefully they'll hurry up and come all the way out and he can be done with this nonsense. (by the way, children's Advil you suck). I can't wait to see his bright smile with two new teeth in it :)

Hummm.. well I guess that brings us all up to speed on what's been happening lately in this crazy life plus baby. I am hoping to continue with my chicken and garden project posts for a little change of pace as well as of course my slightly warped observations of the world around me. Hopefully I won't offend anyone but I guess if I do... well to bad. I am who I am *shrugs* lol Stay tuned :)

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