Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tired of hearing "Oh poor me" >:(

Our country, the great United States of America, was founded upon the concept that every man (and later woman) have the right to Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness. This means you are not entitled to anything else from the government or the people around you. You are also not entitled to be happy, you are entitled to the right to go out and MAKE YOURSELF happy. So get to it bitches and stop pissing and moaning over what you don't have.

Stop blaming the opposite political party, stop blaming the Clinton, Bush, and Obama.. well Ok there are one or two things you can blame on them if you wish but your happiness isn't one of them. You're not entitled to a free job, you're not entitled to free health care, you're not entitled to welfare or unemployment. You receive it if you need it and if you were smarter than the average bear you'd make the most of it and not complain. You go on, and you do what you have to do. Just like everyone else. Times are tough all over, some cutting back is in order. Don't blow it when you are gifted with your tax return and it's more than you expected. Put that money to work doing your situation some good instead of your ego. If a family memeber dies and wills to you half heir estate, that's not the time for a shopping spree of family vacation. How about you use that gift wisely.

Get  up, Get out, and make the best of what you have EARNED.

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