Friday, June 18, 2010

Nicholas and Mommy VS Walmart customer Service

Soooooooo, I have discovered an advantage to being the mother of a smaller than what some people consider average baby. (Nicholas = 4mo old and in the 9lb neighborhood). It is also helpful to maximize this advantage by wearing a shirt with spit up on the shoulder, as with everything fresh is best, and forgetting to brush your hair before you left the house. I ran my fingers through it a time or two in the car.

I'm talking about ways to return a breast pump. The poster who told me Walmart wouldn't take it back was correct though I checked and non of the pumps in the store I shop in have the little stickers or anything that says so AND it is not on their return policy that is printed.

Anywhooo, we stood in line forever with a baby who was drawing all sorts of attention from complete strangers wanted to stop and talk to him. One lady I thought was going to have a cow on us. She went on and on about how well he was holding his head up and look he is smiling and omg he's sticking his tounge out. I realized she thought he was a lot younger than he is and told he his age. She just about died over how tiny he is. Honestly I don't think he's * that* small but whatever.
 So we get up to the desk and they start the return only to try and stop it b/c they aren't supposed to take these things back. I played dumb and demanded to know why and why wasn't there something on the box that would say so and the works. Then Nicholas right on cue added more spit up to my shoulder and I just closed my eyes for a second and sighed. It was a nice try I suppose. I said ok no biggie but I am going to put a call in to corp. about how long I had to wait and what not.
"Oh ma'am let me call a manager and see what they might want to do, I mean you said you didn't use it right"
   (ummm no I didn't say that exactly, I said I had opened it and then my parents bought me a double electric one which would be waaayyyy better)

So she calls a manager and it takes FOREVER for somebody to get back to her and she just up and decides she's going on a break. Nice. The customer service manager who I guess is not manager enough to make calls on this sort of thing finally after about 15 more minutes of waiting steps in and gets somebody on the phone to help. He was opening and going through the box saying it doesn't even look used at all and blah blah and how I wouldn't take no for an answer (which wasn't true) and how it wasn't very expensive for a pump and I'm standing there with a crying baby (again not true) and we just need to get her on her way one way or the other.

Bravo, Mr. Manager man

Yay, I was able to return the pump which I hope they don't wrap up and try and resell, but I sterilized anyway just in case. That gives me the creeps thinking about it as a matter of fact but whatever. I couldn't get cash which was a bummer and had to get a gift card but oh well, no big difference. I'm sure I can find a use for a walmart gift card.

Upon finishing the return the manager wished us well and say to enjoy our new adventure and to just wait until he was a couple of months old and he can really do stuff... lol

The highlight of the evening though, which was like a 45 minute deal for us, was while we were walking about a really old man sitting on a bench near the door leading out motions us over with a big grin on his face.
He points to Nicholas and says "Boy?"
How old?
4 mo
and without another word launches into singing take me out to the ball game to Nicholas who just stared at the guy and drooled. Awww come on, give the poor man a smile baby!! It was adorable. Then when the guy finished he waved us off and wished us a good night.
Ummm k, maybe the Walmart greeter should take lessons from you dude! LoL

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