Monday, June 15, 2009

Adventures in preganancy II No Denying it now

July 15, 2009
Current mood; Baby I"m Amazed By You..."   Just back from the doctor.
I can't pretend it isn't so anymore, it's inescapable. We have a two legged family member on the way.

Last week I had my first apt. and they ran about a zillion test, well at least it felt like that many, and confirmed via blood that we were expecting.

I chose to try and talk myself out of the truth of that test.. maybe it's wrong?? Maybe the 5 home pregnancy tests are also wrong... Haha. The baby gods apparently weren't gonna have any of that nonsense and morning sickness (which as it turns out was an all day and all night affair for me) hit hard. Haha I've lost three pounds since Tuesday of last week, how's that for a diet plan for ya? Nice. Then just as suddenly as it started it all but disappeared with some help from a medicine from the doctor. Today though it was completely gone *fingers crossed* that it stays gone. Sign me up for the swollen feet, heartburn, indigestion, gas, constipation, tiredness.... whatever it takes to avoid more of "the sickness" as I now call it.
I started to kind of try and convince myself that maybe this whole baby thing wasn't real and maybe I was going to be forgiven for whatever sin I committed that resulted in this grand practical joke.

Today though we had our first doctor's visit and reality set in with a whooshy,(haha how do you like my new word?) thud thud thud thud thud at 162 beats a minute. At that moment I stopped thinking about how badly I needed to pee and how uncomfortable it was to have the tech pushing so hard in the vicinity of my bladder and turned my head in wonder for my first glimpse of little Johnson Jr. (aka Cletus The Fetus), He/She is, according the the tech a bit larger than a grain of rice and is 8 weeks old. Awwwwwwww

Everything looks great thus far and the doctor is happy and says she doesn't foresee any problems with the pregnancy up until delivery. Then it will depend on how big Johnson Jr. is planning on growing before he/she joins the outside world. Apparently according to the doctor "I aint got birthing hips" ROFL but she doesn't think hubby and I will be producing any huge mutant babies either lol so in her opinion it should be fine.

The doctor also change my due date based on the ultrasound results. Johnson Jr. says he is only 8 weeks old not the 10weeks that was expected based on the date of my last period. Yay, I was right when I told them there was no way I was 10 weeks along Haha, guess I know my body pretty well :)

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