Sunday, August 30, 2009

Still alive and well... Kinda

Hahaha either my magic pill is proving less effective OR "the sickness" has worsened. Who knows which. Either way my jeans fit better than ever... well they are falling off my @$$ to be honest. Meanwhile there is a tiny little pooch that nobody else notices but me.  I am now 13 weeks along.

I had a doctor's visit on Monday and they poked this doppler thingy really firmly into my belly, which hurt, so we could hear the heartbeat. I couldn't really hear it but the doctor and john could. It took forever because the doc was trying to find a place where I could hear it loud and clear. Mostly I just wanted her to stop because I was fighting not to throw up...

At the moment I consider children to be EVIL! I'm told I will change my mind.

We have a nickname for said evil child and I resisted the tempation to use the one suggested by the vet (the spawn). Until such time as Johnson Jr. has a real name he is referred to as Cledus the Fetus II. I am told I will have another ultrasound next month (on the 21st I think) and at that time they can determine if Cledus is a girl or a boy. *fingers crossed* for a boy, and I promise not to name him Cledus LoL. The baby gods denied me the twins I wanted so badly, I forgot to get the all important coupon, so I am hoping they will grant me a boy and not curse me with a girl.... I don't think the world can handle another ME LoL.

All the dogs are fine, Jazz is white - can you believe it - for the first time since Nov. and Saleen is turning a lovely gun metal grey quickly. I'm sure that means she'll be a very light silver when it's all said and done but I am thinking she is going to be a really lovely color, even if I might not be able to dye her. The Wonder Puppy and Howie are adjusting to mommy's new let dogs out, throw up, let dogs in, throw up, feed dogs... you get he idea routine and Wonder is being especially cuddly. The cats hate me, but well... oh well. LoL. 

I would feel truly blessed to get this over ahead of schedule LOL!

Since I live a whole hour away from the birthing center it just makes me nervous to think about delivery. What if I get there to late for the good drugs?? Hahaha, yup that would be me show up to late for cocktails.

My mother seems to be under the impression that they might decide to induce labor so that we can avoid any mad dashes. I doubt they will personally unless the baby seems to be on the larger side. The doctor said she thinks I'm kind of narrow, guess she doesn't want it to be as surprise if I need a c-section so she wants to prepare me early? 

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