Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Welllll Great... ; / (part 2)

Holy cow, he's still commenting about last night... and being that I was tired and Nicholas was kicking around on my bladder we didn't do anything note worthy after hours... *Shrugs* He was in the bathroom with me this morning while I was brushing my hair and suddenly I was hit with the sickness, first time in two days really, and had to hurl myself to the toilet so I could... well hurl. LoL. His response, "Oh sorry honey, is it the soap I used? Can you smell it?" I almost had to puke again, are you kidding me with this?
By the way if anyone is interested my hubby uses Nevea (is that how you spell it??) for men Energy body wash, right now that's the only thing in his shower other than a bottle of Sauve Sweet Pea body wash but surely that's not what smells so good LoL. He also has two deoderants one is Axe the Phenoix scent and the other is Old spice rd Zone, Aqua Reef. At the moment he doesn't have any body sprays except the colonge he doesn't wear unless we're going out which is cool water for men (omg, that DOES smell good lol) He wasn't wearing the cool water last night though or I would have known right away. He doesn't even have any aftershave.

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