Monday, September 21, 2009

You know they say that if it can go wrong it will. LoL, I'd say that's a fair description of the way the last couple of weeks have been.

The "sickness" has been putting me through digestive hell to the point that I was so ill I couldn't go to work and had some mild bleeding so I was home for the rest of the week. The doctor said that I was stressing myself to the point that my body was trying to gear up for what she called a threatened miscarriage. No fun. So now I'm ok'd to to work again taking it a little easier so long as the bleeding didn't start again.

Today I had my regular monthly appointment and was looking forward to it because I was supposed to have my next ultrasound. I was warned about my blood pressure the week before last and everyone was pleased that it had come down and was pretty much back to normal. Yay, no more bleeding either so for the moment I am all clear with instructions to RELAX every now and again.
The big bummer for the day though is that thanks to a mix up I didn't get my ultrasound today. Turns out that my little record book that they give me to bring back and forth to every appointment wasn't updated correctly. The first time I went in they thought I was 10 weeks along, but when I had my first ultrasound they found that I wasn't that far. The nurse never changed that original due date and so last month when the doc glanced at that record to decide what next months appointment would include she didn't have the right time line. So the genetic screening they had me do at the end of last appointment had to be redone this appointment because it was a little early. They also decided that I was three days to early to have another ultrasound. Arrrgggg! I was soooo excited about finding out the sex but now we'll have to wait a whole month. The doctor said if I insisted they could do the ultrasound right then but if they didn't get as good a picture as they hoped they wouldn't be able to do another one b/c insurance wouldn't cover it. I hope they cover the second quadscreen test! She was trying to reassure me I think by telling me that they could still use the first screening test even though it was to early. They could combine the results and it would be more accurate. Yeah lucky me another poke with a needle lol. In came the nurse for the blood draw, the one that I wouldn't allow to draw my blood last month and insisted on being to the lab. Anyway John was glaring at me and just daring me to ask to be sent to the lab, he didn't really have time for that he needed to get back to work. She missed the vein the first two tries and by the time she did get what she needed I was to far gone to stop myself from passing out. Fun.. I just love needles

Oh well, Cletus the Fetus gets to remain a mystery for another month, we'll survive though I am dying to know.

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