Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Return Of The Teething Monster

Nicholas has been cutting four molars one right after another starting about two months ago. Baby drool EVERYWHERE! Gross. I was on my knees nightly begging the baby gods to please hurry this process along and make it quick. Once again I think I got more than I bargained for, which I suppose aught to teach me not to pray to false gods lol. Teething sure is hurrying along. He's got the four molars mostly in but guess what. Apparently the baby gods decided to send the tooth fairy/teething monster BACK to our house to deliver MORE teeth. zomg! Today I was checking on the status of our molar acquisitions and noticed that there are four MORE teeth just barely poking through. Ugh, no wonder the drooling hasn't stopped (and in fact has increased!). Nooooo!!! Looks like we're working on the teeth between the four front teeth and the molars. Wonderful. I have noticed for a couple of days now that Nicholas has been biting on his thumb in a weird way. I realize today he isn't biting his fingers, he's using his fingers to feel his gums. He's nothing if not curious and I'm sure they are a bit sore. He's been a good boy about it though. I guess since he's been cutting teeth for more than two months now he's maybe just gotten used to to? He's is likely to be slightly fussy here and there but NOTHING like what he used to be like when teething. He's also eating like a champ for the most part. Today he ate almost a whole apple and man the boy can tear him up some chicken. No worries! I am thinking now that perhaps the runny nose may have been another gift from the tooth fairy (gosh, when does she start bringing $$ on her visits??) and he was not really sick. I was very concerned that he was getting sick this weekend but aside from two days of being a little stuffy and one day with a fever and the grumpies he's been fine. Just a slightly runny nose every once in a while. I think the new teeth may also have brought him new stores of energy! What is the tooth fairy putting in these things?? He's been a hyper little bugger lately running around screaming (the happy kind of screaming) at the top of his lungs and smiling and laughing. Imagine my shock to find new teeth beginning to poke through today. That is very out of character for teething toddler of doom - AKA Nicholas. I won't complain though, except about the baby drool which is just GROSS. I am happy that he is happy and I hope he stays that way. I honestly don't have any great teething remedies up my sleeve b/c nothing except Tylenol seems to help him. He won't chew on frozen rags, I'm frighten of gels stuff on the gums, and his doctor says not to give him those little teething tablets. *shrugs* Ok. At least lately he hasn't seemed to need anything at all and maybe the baby gods aren't really picking on me after all. They at least seem to have some compassion for a poor baby and aren't making this process any more uncomfortable than need be even though they have doubled the teething workload.  For that I thank them. For the tooth fairy... you're still on my list bitch. Beware.... :)

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