Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lets make a baby

Yes, I have turned the page in the book that is my life and entered into the exciting and sometimes complex world of TTC, which stands for Trying to Conceive. We are working on baby number two. We were excited to try for a baby way back before Nicholas came along, however just didn't happen.Turns out that we weren't REALLY trying, there was so much more to this project that I had dreamed of. A year later I said screw this and decided I would rather have a new puppy. Enter our silver standard poodle Saleen. 8 weeks after she came home, guesssss what.... SURPRISE!  Baby on the way lol :) This time we decided to plan a little better and not really knowing where to start I logged onto a website called Baby Center and joined their getting pregnant forum. WOW, was I ever in for a surprise (not to mention quite the emotional roller coaster ride but that's a whole different post I'm afraid). I learned what it meant to be REALLY trying to have a baby lol. I quickly discovered that just doing the baby dance is sometimes not all that it takes to make a baby. These ladies are incredibly in touch with their bodies and know things about themselves I didn't even think was possible to know. They temp, and chart, and observe CM (a abbreviation I won't explain for the faint of heart) and examine themselves regularly to note the position and condition of their reproductive self. They keep track of all this on various websites and even know when and how to test long before a missed period. Truly a fascinating world. Even when they manage to get pregnant most of them stay on the forum to help newbies, like myself, learn the ways of the TTC force.

Months ago I purchased a basal thermometer in an attempt to explore Natural Family Planning. Said thermometer has been sitting on my night stand still in it's unopened package. Charting my temps just seemed complicated and to be honest I was a bit of a wuss when it came to relying on such a method for birth control. The more I read the more I realized that timing is everything and knowing WHEN to dance is almost as important as actually doing the dance. This would also be true of trying to prevent conception. I learned tons of techniques that I was previously unaware of and soon found myself totally immersed in a fascinating world where people know themselves so completely it would shock you and they are totally free in sharing their observations with you. They will also freely help you figure out your own chart and learn all the wonderful things that they know. They seem to have their own language as well. You almost need a lingo cheat sheet in order to understand what you are reading at times but not to fear you learn very quickly. In fact I posted a status on my personal facebook profile that quickly generated a response from those in the know. My best friend however had to ask what in the world I was talking about when I said I was 14 DPO and I was going to POAS that night. Then later that evening I was able to post that I had done the POAS thing and O.M.G it was BFP, (even though it didn't stay that way). Only people in the know would understand those statements. Only people in the know understand what I mean when I say we didn't have sticky dust as well. It's so fascinating really how people can come together and just create their own little world and work together and support each other in this TTC journey. The support I have found both educational and emotional has been surprising and no drama, at all ! We are all to centered on our mission for petty drama.

So this month we are going to attempt charting. I have opened the basal thermometer and have it under my pillow. I have an account, per instructions given via the getting pregnant group, on fertility to help me keep track of what my temps are and other observations about my body which I will leave to the imagination (or to those "in the know"). I am perhaps to clinical and find myself looking at this as a giant science project. It's fascinating lol and I can't help it. I don't care really if I actually get pregnant, in fact perhaps I should not as Nicholas is a handful. I am not sure I can handle two of them. However I can't help being interesting in learning something new about myself and will proceed with at least the charting even if I don't end up dancing. I'm like a kid in a candy store given the opportunity to learn new things.

So I guess we'll just wait and see. We've got one month officially under our belts and that was a success. Now we'll get more specific in our ovulation charting and see what happens. I am engaged in an imaginary race with a family member, we'll see who wins :p Hehe, stand back, I'm going to try science! :)

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  1. I love BBC. That's why I do cloth diapers :P I didn't plan too hard, just kept track of cycle days and guessed when I would ovulate. Best wishes!